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Fri, Aug. 11th, 2006, 03:44 pm
please please exclamation point (argh, this song is stuck in my head. welp.)

haha, i love who wants to be a superhero! it's so funny, cheesy and engaging.

my favourites are feedback (because he's way too sincerely into it, and he really acts and looks the part) and major victory ("be a winner, not a weiner!!!").. it's a "reality" show where homemade superheroes compete to get their own tv-movie and a stan lee comic book version of their superhero. fun fun fun! (i just wish the female contestants had been cooler..)

we had company over last night and we ended up watching the butterfly effect. i saw it when it first came and i have to say, my initial reaction stands: it's a pretty damn good movie. the casting is really good, and it's so dark. if you haven't seen it, i actually recommend it.

this movie is only the second dvd gabi's bought, ever, haha. the first... Nine 1/2 weeks. she totally forced me to watch it with her the other night as well, despite my loud protesting. i was probably around 12-13 when i first saw it and i mostly just recall being really bored and embarrassed watching it. this time around i was bored, embarrassed and creeped out at the same time. ugh.

kim basinger alternates between looking horrible and really 80s pretty. in some scenes, she appears to have no eyebrows, which makes her look related to christopher lambert in a most unfortunate way. also, she spends much of the movie doing exactly what she did as vicki vale (first batman movie) - squealing girlishly and excessively. moo. however, her striptease against the venetian blinds is pretty hot. very music video. it definitely showed that it was made by the same director who did flashdance..

mickey rourke was incredibly creepy! and so pretty. but creepy. mostly creepy. yeah. to go from this: 1, 2 ... to this ...and then to this and ultimately THIS. sigh. (or hell, visit his page on awful plastic surgery.com) sad. still. his character and that fucking smile - meeeeeeeep.

oh. and that scene where she's blindfolded in the kitchen and he's feeding her the entire contents of her refridgerator? disgusting, and so not hot, haha! we were both screaming "ewwww!" just halfway through, hahaha. and the sex in the alley? it's definitely well-shot, but we kept yelling "EW!!!" even louder because it looked like an awful place to have sex - disgusting alley-water everywhere (literally) and gross, gross, GROSS stairs to roll around on, and she was so skinny, those steps would have been jabbing her (and mostly her body double) terribly! it just looked so painful and gross. ew. which i guess was the point, but whatever.

gabi amuses me to no end, though. her taste in movies always tend to contain 1) some version of vampires, 2) covers/titles/plots that are a miniscule step from being soft core and 3) lots of special effects. she also has no radar for low-budget bad movies. all of this is fine, of course. however - it means i'm more likely to be forced into watching horrible fare such as eternal rather than the butterfly effect. oh well. in the end, it's often as entertaining to watch a really bad movie in good company, as i'm sure you all know.

i think it all probably stems from her having grown up without encountering a lot of porn, hahaha. i used to have another roommate who was likewise way too fascinated by the almost soft-core movie fare and used to leap at any movie-opportunity to steer the choice to the most skanky option available. i don't know. it bores me most of the time. i guess i'm too jaded, hahaha. i guess it might be because unlike them, i did have a much older brother in the house growing up, heh, and he wasn't very bothered with hiding his pr0n stash. (this fascinated many of my friends when we were kids, hahah. if he only knew. actually, if he knew, he'd probably have charged an entrance fee to his room, hahahha.)

going to continue working on my room today. tomorrow are two events i'm hoping to go to - i'm always bad at going to things i don't have a ticket for, though (if i have tickets, or hell, have plans with people, i of course always go) so who knows.

and that's that. off to make lunch (scrambled eggs! i just watched lovely chef gordon ramsay make some on a show, and i tried making the same yesterday and they turned out delicious. you continously stir eggs and a small dab of butter in a pot on, like, medium heat... once it starts getting creamy and scrambled, you add a spoon of créme fraiche or yoghurt, some fresh herbs and some salt, and stir. SO. GOOD.)

cin cin!