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Sun, Aug. 13th, 2006, 02:27 pm
deedee-dum, deedee-dum, deedee-dum

last day of my summer holiday. the weather is quite unfriendly (grey skies, very windy) and i've got luggage-sized bags under my eyes so odds are quite in favour of me lazying about all day. maybe i'll finally do the ikea furniture thing, hahaha. so glad i cancelled my plans to hang out with a friend - i would have been quite the dull company, i'm sure.

i have a slight cold. hahahahaha. it never, ever ends with me. i find that really amusing. i can't recall a non-phlegmy day in months upon months. minor annoyance, for sure, but an annoyance nonetheless. today i've also lost the ability to sing along to any song because the top half of my voice is gone. pffft.

you know, i would have thought with all the changes i've made to my eating habits over the past 6 months, i could have gotten at least a minor health boost to cut down on the colds, but nah. i eat loads more veggies on a daily basis, am way better at putting together a more wellrounded plate of food with good sources of nutrition (i even eat friggin soybeans and other beans now, and occasionally eggs :o ), have cut down on dairy and some very starchy foods, don't eat candy as regularly as i used to, excusively use olive oil, rapeseed oil and flaxseed oil (since i refuse all variants of seafood) in cooking/for salads.. still, nada. boo.

i was thinking it could be allergic flares, but haven't found a pattern at all and really - it's _colds_ i get, because i get several of the symptoms and not just the allergy-related. so, so annoying.

oh well. at least i have a month of training and not taking calls to look forward to at work. instead i am to learn as much as possible about the world of apple, hehe. maybe i'll finally re-install itunes and get it to work. ;)

ooh, phone. ciao!


"this one is for the boy who's not allowed to be part of the gang... you don't need those losers, I think you're beautiful.. and you meet a girl and you fall in love and it doesn't work out.. well it won't be the first time and they don't make a cure for that..."

nor do they make a cure for the common cold, eheheh. frrr.