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Thu, Aug. 17th, 2006, 06:54 pm

this training thing is seriously kicking my assssss. learning how to work computers in a way i'm not used to, plus how to help customers, plus how to log things, plus related rules and regulations, is really hard. i'm keeping up with most of it, but it's so intense, my brain, it hurts a bit from trying to grasp it all. it's okay. 3+ weeks left to train even more, i'm sure i'll work it out.

and really. i can't complain all that much. not when i can do this to keep myself entertained while listening to the instructor droning on about serious thingies for seemingly hours on end:



hahahaa. this is the first project i've done where playing around excessively on the workstation is actually accepted and encouraged. and hey, there's always widget-browsing. :)

the new workmates are slowly warming up. well, not all of them, but enough that i feel comfortable going to lunch with them and chit-chatting online during the lectures. and tomorrow is friday, woo! gabi is going away tonight and will be gone all weekend due to her work, so i'm really going to enjoy the days off! no plans yet, but i did get 3 dvds in the mail yesterday as well as the live 2-CD set of the depeche mode concert in stockholm last month. yey, goodies!

okay. foooood. cin cin!

p.s. redjanet, i'll ask about that key thing tomorrow, forgot today! :o

Thu, Aug. 17th, 2006 05:03 pm (UTC)

no worries! oh and i'm jealous that you have the icamera in your imac. if i'd waited just a couple of months i could have had one in my laptop. ah well...