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Fri, Aug. 18th, 2006, 07:37 pm


just feel lucky i spared you the "x-ray" vision style photo's - i am REALLY goood at looking crazy-evil demony. comes with have a rubber-face and a huge mouth. :)

so glad the week is coming to an end - all afternoon was soooo dull at work, everybody, including the instructor, were dying to just go hoooome. so, naturally, once time was up and we could leave, we left in a herd for afterwork beer in the afternoon sun outdoors. hehe. i felt so bad, i really can't understand what one of the new workmates says every time she speaks - she has a very softspoken voice and speaks an incredibly mushy danish. i found myself nodding and smiling and hoping nodding and smiling was the correct response to whatever she was saying.

oh well. i'm finally hooooome with the apartment to myself all weekend - couldn't be more thrilled! my good mood made me tell an online acquaintance he didn't have to pay me back for some depeche mode photo's i had developed and sent him. i just got a big "of course i'll pay you!" e-mail and i'm all... meh. it's $10. i'll live. sometimes people need to just learn to accept a random gift.

ok. hehe. ciao!