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Sat, Aug. 19th, 2006, 10:24 am
by the woods, by the woods, by the woods..

things to do on a saturday morning:

- try a new tea (lipton african rooibos, it's very yummie) and munch on peanutbutter sandwhiches and peaches.

- watch a really nice quality tori amos dvd-boot from 2003 (tulsa!). i never watch tori much anymore and still haven't ever finished watching the official live-dvd welcome to sunny florida but this boot is woooonderful. love it. ooh, here in my head! lovvvvely. :D (it's at toritraders.com in case anybody else wants it. it's got a fantastic setlist, and the setlist was actually made by some tour regulars and tori played the whole thing, which, y'know, would never normally happen. very cool.)

- stare around the room while trying to envision finishing the new ikea stuff and actually putting things where they are supposed to be

- try to muster up the energy to schedule a laundry appointment. hrm. that would require getting properly dressed first. neh.

oh well. :)