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Sun, May. 11th, 1997, 10:43 am
you're gonna die, clown!

Haha! I saw two hilarious movies,
Celtic Pride with
Dan Akroyd, Daniel Stern and
Damon Wayans, and
Happy Gilmore with
Adam Sandler.

These might not be the *best* movies in the world, but they saved the day... they were SOO dumb and funny...Sheesh. Ok, some ranting:

Damon Wayans - He's the reason I got my left ear cartilage pierced. He wore this earring thing, probably a clipon thing, In 'The Last BoyScout', and I just got HOOKED, so I went out and got my ear pierced. This is now where I wear my precious frog.

Adam Sandler - I cannot even TELL you how hilarious he is. I remember obsessing
a bit over him some months ago when a channel aired an ep. of Saturday Night Live, and Adam sang the Mother's day Song, and I just FELL for it/him. *grin* It's just that pathetic look on his face or something. heheheheh.

Anyways, I really recommend the movies, especially Happy Gilmore, and hey,I got two sig. quotes out'a them:

"If we go to jail I'm gonna be one of them born again christians..coz...Nobody wants a born again christianistic bitch!" -Celtic Pride

I eat shit like you for breakfast! -You eat SHIT for breakfast? - Happy Gilmore