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Mon, May. 12th, 1997, 10:48 am
the chrystal master

Ran into an old friend.. actually, ran into isn't quite true. It was supposedly by accident, but it was really a semi arranged thing.. I knew she'd be there and such. I hadn't seen her in a long time and a new friend turned out to have her as a mutual acquaintance and was telling me of how... um... interesting she'd become. As in kooky-interesting.

It turned out to be quite fun, talking to her and the new friend, Maria, but I noticed how way out there she is.. sheesh! She's very into New Age nowadays but.. I dunno. It doesn't feel like she means it. I do realize everybody is entitled to believe whatever they want in life, but it just doesn't feel sincere, so that just makes it bizarre rather than, y'know, interesting.

Like, she's excited because she got her life crystal from the Crystal Master, which I won't say much about. It did provide me and Maria with lots of material for laughing and mocking the New Age business quite a lot though *grin* Don't get me wrong here, I am not anti new age, anyone who knows me also knows that I believe in lots of things, and I enjoy reading about such things, because I feel it creates new ways of thinking and how I react and treat/perceive other people, but I'm not very fond of the tacky side of it I guess... You know, the side that's just there to be different.

And seriously, can YOU call a fellow human being "Crystal Master" without feeling ..well, a bit silly. ..heh.. My fave, incredibly bad joke about it's been immortalised forever in my new sig.file (well, or till I get bored and stop using it;):

'Is that a crystal in your pocket, or are you just *very* happy to see me, Oh Master?'