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Fri, May. 16th, 1997, 11:02 am
scary white legs-day

HAH, lazy day!

It's been a wonderful summer day here in Ronneby, and I feel so out of place it's ridiculous. I go through this _every_ spring, dammit.

You see, there comes a time, when everybody else just magically knows that it's appropriate to start wearing skirts and shorts and gorgeous dresses, and I end up looking extremely strange in my black pants and t'shirts. Apparently that day is today. Now, I guess this wouldn't be a major thing, except I am unable to get a tan, have never been able to, which means I couldn't wear shorts and skirts even if I'd own any, or want to, because frankly, my white legs' look scary.

On the OTHER hand, I really really want to show off my tattoo. because it's neat! *sigh* Savour this moment, stranger, since it isn't often I actually am bothered by such an issue as to what to wear. Ah well.

Won't be online till tuesday due to a holiday, and for once I feel ok by that. Interesting.