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Sun, Aug. 20th, 2006, 01:09 pm
oh, screw sleep

apparently, almost 13 hours of sleep was enough. i stayed up instead and am now sufficiently impressed with what i've managed to accomplish over the last 7 hours:

- i watched step up. it's a pretty common fact that i adore dance movies. this one... sucked. boo. dance movies are supposed to be cheesy. this was... boring.

the lead guy was too tall and didn't dance all that well, the lead girl was too obnoxious and sure of herself, and there were no properly carried out storylines. it was very empty. i like predictable, but when they barely even go through the motions of all the predictable scenes it just got so dull. also, the dance sequences weren't all that. i've seen things on so you think you can dance that were way more exciting. so. thumbs doooown. (surprisingly, the cutting edge 2, which i watched last week, was far more entertaining than i expected so... sometimes they kinda get it right.)

- cleaned the entire apartment, including mopping the floors

- put together my ikea stuff - yeyyyy! now i just have to actually move all my crap onto shelves and into the bins...

- made yummie lunch

- watched some more psych - the main guy, james roday, is sooooo channeling sam rockwell for me. :) (o sam. where have you gone?? imdb claims you've been doing some projects but really... poof, kind of gone. please come back so i can regain my energy to update the sam website, eh? )

right now i'm pondering moving all my furniture around. hmmmmmmm....