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Wed, Aug. 23rd, 2006, 12:16 am

we're getting hardcore with the learning right now. i spend a lot of the time feeling a bit lost as the instructor covers topics i'm not at all really familiar with... i can't believe in just a couple of weeks, i'm supposed to at least sound convincing when helping customers figure out wtf is going on with their computers and come up with relevant troubleshooting steps. oh well.

it could be worse. one of my fellow newbies seem to have troubles comprehending instructions. today we were to explore the options one has when re-installing the OS on a computer. at a certain step in the textbook, the text "DO NOT SELECT "INSTALL!" appears, really superbold. also, the instructor repeated that several times while we were doing our practice-thingies. so, one dude asked adam (guy next to me) "so, what do we do next? install?" and adam went "no, NO installing, see?" and marked the text in the guy's textbook telling him not to install, as well as several other places saying "don't install."

literally 2 minutes later we hear "hey... what's... going on?"

HE OF COURSE CHOSE TO RE-INSTALL THE OS. ehhehe. poor guy. :) he took it in stride but this was on the heels of making a similar mistake yesterday where he removed something kind of vital from the system despite the instructor specifically telling him not to.

..we also got to listen in on calls and i answered a call! i was so nervous but handled it well and then the agent i was training with took over the call when i no longer could help. it was pretty cool. and sure - i do spend a lot of time feeling a bit lost during our classes, but considering what i know now compared to what i knew a week and a half ago... i'm definitely learning stuff. have another 2,5 weeks left of training so.. i'm sure it'll come to me.

sign i'm learning the right mindset: my pc here at home has a minor issue every now and then. every time i've encountered it previously, i've thought "hmm. i should ask somebody what that means and what to do...:" ...when it happened today, i thought "hmmm, i wonder if there's a help file on this, or maybe i could find a forum with a topic and a solution somewhere..."

:) it's just really cool to suddenly find myself feeling just a tiny fraction more able to troubleshoot issues and maybe solve something on my own, y'know? i'm hoping that after the future classes where we learn hands-on how to remove and install hardware in various macs, i'll finally feel ready to install things on my own pc. that'd be cooooool. hehe. eh, we'll see.


hee. it's so much fun figuring out how to angle the face just so to create the best cartoony-faces. eh, it's something to do during class...

btw! happy birthday, burrito19! :D

okay. cin cin!

Wed, Aug. 23rd, 2006 09:32 am (UTC)


Thanks for the laugh! I needed it!