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Sat, Aug. 26th, 2006, 07:27 pm

so happy to have a day off! i worked 7.45 am - 6.30 pm yesterday with no breaks and like, a 25 minute lunch, because there were just soooo many things to do and i'm compulsive like that. i was incredibly wound up all day long and every few minutes, a new task was thrown my way.

a co-worker that wasn't coping with my new project was moved off the team giving me a sudden burst of hope that this might not be so bad after all. the two new kids that were trained yesterday kicked serious ass and pretty much cemented my new found hope that this might actually turn out fun. they were just so awesome, they took instantly to things and after just going over the system a couple of times they BOTH asked "so, can i start taking calls now?" ...dude, normally nobody ever ASKS to start taking calls, it's almost a rule to delay that first call for as long as possible.

they were just awesome. i'm horrible, really - i get all _touched_ by seeing that. i'm such an embarrassing teamleader - i take everything very personal and so the fact that two people show up and, uh, do their job, and without fuss, is enough to make me beam from ear to ear and have major "omg you rock so much!" outbursts, but they took it in stride like teenagers do, hehe. i don't mind being over-enthusiastic - i'd rather have them give me little "ok, you're kind of nuts but it's kind of endearing" reactions than "ghod i hate this bitch, what does she want now???" stares.

i'm incredibly overwhelmed right now - there's so much to do, and it needs to be done fast, fast, fast. we only have a coach from our client until wednesday. there's so much training to be done still (i now have 4 teammembers in various newbie-stages - one is finally starting to not have to ask many questions and the two kids are well on their way there). monday, i have to train two more, and tuesday, another two people, at least. mind you, i also need time to get training myself so that i can actually be of HELP once the coach leaves me with what - 8-10 people in various stages of getting into the project.

at the same time, i have to learn everything behind-the-scenes, like all the administrative things that needs to be done to run it all as well as being of good service to my team. (i know, i sound so gag-worthy) my brain kind of won't stop ticking. but i'm starting to have some good plans. i think i figured out (once i got home) what type of a manual i need to try and put together next week to help everyone have something to refer to. most of all, i need it to make sure i can actually be in charge of future training of new people on my own. no clue when i'll have time to make it, but i'll work extra to get it done before the coach leaves so i know i'm not entirely lost.

this is getting kind of exciting. yo, if all goes according to plan, i might end up with 24 people on my team. i can't even imagine keeping track of that many, making sure everything is running smoothly and that everybody get the help they need to be good and effective on the phone while also keeping their energy up once the novelty wears off. oh well. the initial run is until december so i have 4 months to hopefully keep my own energy up and hopefully have things working well.

heh heh.


...so, like, why did it take me until watching friggin' rockstar supernova to hear the killers - all these things that i've done? frrr. i'm having fun finding new music to listen to. my taste is very bubblegum right now, though... i've listened to fergie's "london bridge" more times than i'll ever admit to, heheheheh. mostly because the london-bits sound like fergie imitating m.i.a. i think....

oh! snakes on a plane is out in sweden! i was going to go see it tonight but slept most of the day and now want to do something more energetic, but sooooooon i will finally get to see it... yeyyy!

Sat, Aug. 26th, 2006 05:50 pm (UTC)

i get all _touched_ by seeing that. i'm such an embarrassing teamleader - i take everything very personal and so the fact that two people show up and, uh, do their job, and without fuss, is enough to make me beam from ear to ear and have major "omg you rock so much!" outbursts

i know i'm commenting on all your posts about your new position, but i am so relating to this...i take things kind of (okay, too) personally as well and i do find it very rewarding when i see people doing well/improving and wanting to do more and take on more responsibilities. it makes my job so much easier and i'm very appreciative of people like that. i have to remember those moments during the bad ones.

Sat, Aug. 26th, 2006 06:21 pm (UTC)
somabish: :D

don't worry about it - i really like getting to share this and have somebody in a very similar position since i don't have anybody here to gab about. comment as much as you waaaaant. :D

it IS cool to see people doing things with the right spirit! there's one guy who has worked much longer at the company. he seemed very obviously miffed when he learned i was going to be TL for the project - comments he made makes me think he was thinking they were going to ask him (which... they so weren't. he's okay, but for this? nooooooo way) so i was a bit taken aback at first.

he's yet to take to the idea, and he's also not used to not working for his old stuff, which was a relaxed team with almost NOTHING to do, so he's really not used to a highly structured scheduled. since i know this from before, i'm keeping an eye on him and have had to nudge him twice about not taking unscheduled breaks (for like, 15 minutes!!)... for now, i'm being kind of nice about it, but ugh..

yesterday when i caught him taking a break that he wasn't supposed to, he tried to argue that he only took "like, 10 minutes!" when i said his 15-minute impromptu break obviously meant he couldn't take his actual SCHEDULED 15-minute break half an hour later. jackass. i let him get away with pretending he still had 5 minutes left to take, but only because i did make sure he understood i was on totally aware of things.

he tried to say he was "just being nice" coming to my team to "help out" - i explained that i was very grateful he wanted to help out with this project, but that also he needed to obey the RULES of my project as well, or it would disrupt everybody ... he didn't have a comeback to that, heh.

i'm so keeping my eye on him. my extremely upbeat persona and enthusiasm for people often makes people underestimate my ability to be firm and on top of things. he'll definitely not underestimate it if he continues to test my patience next week...

hehehe. listen to me prattle on. 8)

Sun, Aug. 27th, 2006 08:51 am (UTC)
redjanet: Re: :D

i had a similar situation when i first started as team leader. there was a guy on my team who i'm pretty sure i've mentioned before - evil iain - who also had interviewed for the position. i think in his head he was very sure of himself that he would get the position and i think it came as some shock to him when i got it instead. since then i'm pretty sure the guy HATES me. i also previously beat him in the election for our ICE committee so he probably resented me for that already as well. in any case, not long after i became T/L he transferred over to a different team, so i got lucky! i was really grateful even though i know he's a good worker, because he can be really difficult to deal with on a personal level - he's shown verbal aggression towards women (including me in a couple of instances) and in general can be king of intimidating if you disagree with him about, well, anything! so i'm grateful that i don't have to deal with him now for the most part, though he's still in the same office and he's not very friendly to me at all.

anyway, yeah, it's good to show them who's boss sometimes, even though it can be a pain to have to do so! i guess as long as you're fair people can't really complain.