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Tue, Aug. 29th, 2006, 12:39 am

well.... everything went really well today. there was a mixup where somebody sent over a new kid to train without letting me know first... after a short chat i deduced he was nothing like what we needed so i had to figure out somewhere new to send him without pretending anything was wrong. "um, um... hey, how bout you go back and talk to hr! :D"

the kids worked ENORMOUSLY well today. one of them said i should raise our projected sales-target because "it's way easy making sales" ...and i agree. they're doing great, and have only been doing in for 1-2 days total. once they get even more comfortable, they'll sell like maaad. love it.

spent the evening at the mall with gabi. spent way too much money on clothes (!) - i seem to be completely incapable of not buying every shirt i find that i like, so i came away with, like, 5. i bought some books as well, and then we went and saw the breakup. belieeeve me, i did everything short of throwing myself on the floor howling to have us go see snakes on a plane but she just didn't waaaaant to. frrrr.

the breakup was.. okay. nice cast. some dead spaces here and there. however, there were two moments that unexpectedly made me laugh for several minutes so... i guess it wasn't a total bust. no snakes, though. sigh. I WILL SEE SOAP THIS WEEK, dammit!

ok. bed. ciao!