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Wed, Aug. 30th, 2006, 08:00 pm

good day. yey!

i made time to give individual coaching to the few who were lagging behind and it worked! one needed some serious help with sounding good on the phone, so i gave him lots of input and ideas how to loosen up on the phone while getting faster and more efficient, and he totally started to improooove. he even said he really appreciated the way i did it (meaning he didn't feel like i was nagging, he genuinly thought i gave good advice to help rather than stress him), which i so appreciated hearing.

tomorrow i have to get up waaay early because i'm to train something like 6 new people. it's my first run training and then coaching the newbies from scratch (previously, our client held the training session part before letting us do the coaching). i'm very excited - i've met all the newbies and they gave me a very promising feeling so.. if all goes as well as my previous newbies, we will KICK ASS real quickly.

haha, how hyped do i sound? well.. i am hyped. it does amuse me to find that with only two exceptions, my team will consist of mainly 19-year olds. how perfect is that? as we all know, i have a strange way of connecting really well with 19-20 year olds, while also not having much trouble bossing them around appropriately. so.. i'm kind of excited and intimidated all at once.

by the end of next week, i should have approximately 17 people on my team. 17! i have no clue how i'll manage that, but i'll certainly try to figure it out. once everything starts to run really smooth and i know i can trust them to take care of stuff on their own, i'll allow myself stop doing overtime the way i'm doing right now (too paranoid so i keep staying an extra hour every day until closingtime..) and i should be able to start having actual breaks again, as well as an actual full hour for lunch again. i brought a smoothie for breakfast this morning and forgot it until it was noon. i just forget to eat, i get so wrapped up.

one of my favourite co-workers who i used to lord over on the e-mail project last year (hehe) had his last day at our office today. i will miss him. i'm thrilled for him to be going to a good, new job, though. before he left today he said in a super-stern voice "TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!" and i had to laugh and promise. he knows how easily i get obsessive about work, and how much i worked (and how little i ate/slept/took breaks) when i was in charge of his team.

anyway. i feel optimistic. i even feel like i'm starting to do a -good- job now. here's hoping tomorrow with all newbies doesn't drive me back to the brink of "fuck i can't do this, what was i thinking?!"