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Mon, Sep. 4th, 2006, 08:13 pm

let's see.

worked 7.30 am-8.30 pm with half an hour lunch and no breaks. almost the entire day felt really, really chaotic because i had 5 newbies needing help with almost every call. but the good news is... i got everybody to the point where they can man their own phone, so tomorrow, it'll all go even the slightest bit smoother... until i train MORE newbies wednesday.

while helping the newbies i'm desperately trying to stay on top of all things administrative - there are still a bunch of things i'm supposed to be doing that i just don't have time for yet, btu i'm trying to make sure i take over the responsibility for one new thing each day. my boss has to do quite a few things that i'm supposed to be doing, but she knows how hard i'm working so hopefully she can stand doing double-duty (and me running to her for help and advice every couple of hours) for just one more week, and i should be reasonably on top of everything.

and hey... getting 10 people trained and on the phones since last monday is pretty good, i'd say (since each agent needs a 3,5 introductory class, then sit next to an oldbie to listen and watch for a few hours, and then they take their first calls for about an hour = full day of training, and then day 2 they take calls and ask questions on every call), especially now that i don't have any help.

i wish my brain could retain more information. i hate it when the kids ask me something that i know i got an answer to from our coach last week but that i've since forgotten. i'm trying to write as much as possible down but... it's still hard. i'm definitely having a "fuck, i'm really not very good at this" day. eh, it'll pass.

dad went in for the surgery but for some reason they decided to do a whole new batch of tests before he is to come back yet again to do the surgery planned. i didn't learn this until just a few minutes ago when i finally reached him on the phone so i was quite nervous all day long.

i should probably eat something. i'm feeling a bit down and discouraged tonight, for no real reason. i was going to say that maybe having something sugary would help the mood out, but my fridge and cupboards have too much annoying healthy food these days. there's lots of vegetables, quorn, chicken, lo-fat cooking yogurt (for things like guacamole) and skim milk (for my tea), but the most outrageous thing i could eat right now would probably be a slice of ridiculously grainy bread with... crunchy peanutbutter? yeah. that sounds good.


Tue, Sep. 5th, 2006 12:19 am (UTC)

You've got quite a lot on your plate -and- the stress of your dad's surgery--both of which seem like real reasons to be down and discouraged tonight to me. {{{you}}}