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Wed, Sep. 6th, 2006, 10:34 pm

another day where i worked too much for my own liking. i'm turning very one-note. it'll pass. it better pass. heh.

i spent 12 hours at work - i know i'm not the only one in the whole wide world doing that shit, but it's more than i personally like to spend working so... boo.

i held a 4 hour introduction class for even more newbies while fielding a zillion questions for my were-newbies1-2-days-ago people and then spent the afternoon getting everybody into either coaching newbies or making sure the newbies were coached. i have just a few more turning up for coaching tomorrow and then i've finally got a team of 15 people trained and taking calls, albeit still needing a lot of help and attention.

i need to find time to do all administrative task during my regular work hours so i can start leaving work at my scheduled time rather than staying late and coming in early and skipping breaks. i'm confident i'll get to that point sometime next week when people will finally be able to ask each other for help.

i also look forward to being able to sit down and coach everybody one-on-one soon. many of the newbies haven't had the best people to train from (because the team have ha such a small core of people who i can honestly say know the job well after just a week. it comes with the team having to grow too fast, really, but we should be over that hump by next week), and therefore need extra attention to become good quality customer's service workers.

it's sort of exciting to get to be in charge of what our measure of quality should be. like, my input means something, hehe. it's cool to know that if i'm bothered by the way somebody sounds on the phone, i have the authority to tell them so and expect an improvement. i always hate hearing customers' bitch about crap attitudes from service people, so i look forward to being able to know that they will get really good treatment from my group at any encounter. good service is golden, in my book, and sometimes it's all just in making sure people speak more clearly and confident, even when giving bad news.

for myself, i'm going to work hard on achieving more... eh... gravitas. i'm still stuck in the stage between fellow teammate and in-charge. while everybody does treat me like i'm in charge, and do seem to really listen to me, i need to get better at setting boundaries and showing my team that i expect them to take a lot of personal responsibility as well now that they are settling in.

i have a tendency to help out with eeeeeverything, even when they really should be able to make a decision on their own, or be able to handle something themself, and i need to cut back on that. eh. i'll get there. all my fellow teamleaders (they're all hilarious older women of the battle-axe kind) love teasing me about it, though. if i say "d'oh, i need to have a stern talk with that person" they break down laughing at the very idea of me being stern. but i can be. they just never seeeee it. honest! hahaha.

wtf am i doing posting here when i should try and sleep? hehe. sorry. cin cin!!