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Thu, Sep. 7th, 2006, 10:33 pm
go team go..

another ridiculous day (12,5 hrs at work, NO lunch - i just couldn't find a window) but it's okay, because i finally, toward the end of it, could see that by early next week, the team should finally be able to work well and without as much help from me every single minute. yey!

sales were slow, and i was honestly too swamped to be able to do much about it except do random walkthroughs to cheer them all on. i tried to come up with a team-name (gotta have a team-name!) but was stumped, so i turned it into a faux-contest: everybody had to submit a suggestion at the end of the day, and then they each get as many votes as the number of sales they made today, and they vote tomorrow.

like always, participating was so/so, hahaha, but i did my best to harass them. suggestions:

team star
team blue
team radosabovic
team pigfoot
team braveheart (or bravehearts, i couldn't tell. suggested by our resident scotsman, of course, haha)
team BBB sellahs

and my personal favourite: jennie's bitches (no, not my suggestion)

hehe. i know. they all suck. but whatever. i'm submitting that we be called "top dogs" for no real reason. i'm probably going to have to disqualify "jennie's bitches" even though it's obviously fab because.. well, it's not exactly appropriate. (except IT IS, HEHEHE. i pretty much stunned the girl who suggested it to bits when i let her see my "i believe in peace, bitch" tattoo, hahaha.)

tomorrow, i'll hopefully get even the briefest chance to sit down with each team-member and give them personal coaching, even just for 30 minutes, so that i can finally get a clue what help they need and how they sound. i'm very determined that my peeps are going to be REALLY competent and fabulous on the phone. no half-assed shit will slip by the way i've experienced on teams i've belonged to in the past (where i obviously wasn't in charge).

my boss wanted us to run even MORE newbie training sessions next week and i totally vetoed that. i need a "break" and my team needs a break for at least a solid week to make sure everybody already onboard has a really fair chance to help make this work as well as projected. i now have -15- people to keep track of and help/scold (today i got to have the "you may not wear supertorn jeans, we have a dresscode" talk, as well as the "you may not wear a sweatshirt with a sown on badge showing a hand giving the finger" talk with a couple of kids.) constantly.

i still don't trust to leave them alone in the evenings because they forget to log off their phones (which costs us money) when they leave, or forget to check and see if any customers are still waiting on help when the phones are "shut off" at 6 p.m.... so that's the real reason behind my enormously long days. i hope to be able to trust them soon. and. no more missing lunch, heh.

ok. i'm going to attempt to watch project runway before sleep, even though... i really should sleep. cin cin!

Thu, Sep. 7th, 2006 08:43 pm (UTC)

Database: Uh, the trail has become indistinct. I suggest we split up to cover more ground.
Bart: Good idea. Milhouse, you and me will be Omega Team. Todd, you and Data are Team Strike Force. Nelson, that leaves you and Martin.
Martin: Team Discovery Channel!
Nelson: [groaning] Oh . . . your wussiness better come in handy.