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Sat, Sep. 9th, 2006, 09:16 pm

let's see. slept until 2 pm. made yummie food. watched lovely stuff i've been waiting forever on (like the new nip/tuck, YEYYYYYYYY!!). talked to the parents. now i kind of wanna go nap again, haha.

dad went fishing. he loves to go fish salmon, and he's pretty good at it. today he only caught two, and had 6 that got away. "you still won, though!" he said. see, he always brings two fishing rods - his really old one, and one i bought him for a birthday several years ago. he likes to set both of them up, and race one against the other to see which catches the most fish. "my" rod seems to catch the most, always, so he says i always win. :)

he goes in for surgery on wednesday, i believe. it's supposed to take approx. 4 hours, and he will be put under for the duration. then another 2 hours are scheduled for post-op wake up, and then he's supposed to be good to go home. i keep stressing to him to make sure to leave my numbers with the doctors just in case whatever, or to please call and leave a message on my cellphone once he's awake and able to. he says he will. i'll still be nervous. meh.

my uncle is also to have his surgery within a week/10 days. what they thought was lung cancer turned out to be cancer of the jaw, so they're removing his jawbone and replacing it with, i think, bone and tissue from his leg. and then there'll be radiation treatment after that.

okay. going to try to stay awake enough to watch the new house eppie. (which really has no relation with the topic above, heh, i just want to oogle hugh laurie) cin cin!

Sun, Sep. 10th, 2006 12:09 pm (UTC)

Good luck to your dad. If it's day-surgery, I hope it's routine enough to be unupscrewable. Fingers crossed. :)