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Sun, Sep. 10th, 2006, 03:16 pm

i'm in a very good, mooshy mood today. i slept another 11 hours, and woke up feeling incredibly refreshed. the sun was coming through the curtains in a most fetching way too.

my good mood has somehow managed to put me in all sorts of sentimental spins. a tiny comment from my lovely friend gene in an e-mail had me reminiscing about america, and north carolina. (he just mentioned going shopping, haha - that was enough to have me start remembering our billions of shopping trips, and going around the triangle in his various cars, singing along to the radio, and just missing lazy american sundays in general. we often had sunday brunches.)

then i started to think a bit about my uncle, and how i wish i wasn't always so far off from my family. so, i came up with the idea to gather up all my photo's of my cousins and their kids and my aunt and uncle and send to my two cousins. we never call and chit-chat, so i'd feel awkward calling them up "just" to talk about their dad being sick, so in my own way i'm at least going to try and show them that i'm thinking of them.

eh. with almost 17,000 photo's on this computer, i should try to share at least some of them with people who might be happy to finally get to see them. it made me very mushy to go through the photo's. i'm glad i have my camera to document all those good family moments with, as cheesy as it may seem. my grandma was the only one who used to bring out the camera when i was growing up, so i'm happy to pick up the role as family photographer.

and now... lunch. i reeeally want a chicken + curry + banana + peppers + fresh tomatoes pizza, but can't be bothered to go to the pizzeria so.. neh. instead i'm making my billionth salad. you'd think eating salad would be healthy, but i think i add too many ingredients, hahaha, so.. nah.

then i'm going to watch a bunch of movies. and do laundry. yey, sunday! cin cin!

Sun, Sep. 10th, 2006 02:33 pm (UTC)

We had this suuuuper lasagna last night. It was great. It was my finest moment Italian-wise. We have half left-over but lasagna two nights in a row will totally turn me back into a cow I cannot love, so ... risotto. :S Arrrgh.