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Mon, Sep. 11th, 2006, 10:02 pm
i got soul but i'm not a soldier

well, another longass day. but i think things might be getting better. kind of. my boss thinks i'm getting too trapped by administrative tasks. she's right, but i also don't quite see how else to do the job - most of the things are things that need to be done the same day they appear so.. i'm not quite sure how to change that.

i'm getting better at demanding results from the kids, and demanding more responsibility (they still have trouble remembering things like logging off their phones when they leave their shift, or what freakin' time they start work the next day - argh. but i'm slowly getting them to learn the hard way that they need to check that stuff themselves) from them. there's stll work to be done, but it's getting better.

we also got the results from quality control - they'd done callbacks on something like 70 people who placed orders with my kids last week and asked them stuff to evaluate us. 96% said our service was very polite and gave great service! yeyyyy! :D :D more than half of the new customers ranked us with the highest grade on a 5-grade scale. i'm real happy about that. there were of course a few things we need to improve on, but overall... i'm very pleased.

haha. i got the funniest e-mail from an old co-worker/friend pretty much saying: "i think i finally get your reasoning for not dating. if you get THIS wrapped up in work..." hahahaha. yeah. i'm very good at getting very, very wrapped up in things and people. oddly enough, i'm not actually clingy (at times, quite the opposite), but i do still get wrapped up. and that's not good. so, one project at a time is pretty much all i feel like getting involved with. besides, i prefer only getting wrapped up in people who reciprocate that behaviour well, and they take a while to come around. :)

and it's september 11, and i'm listening to tori's cover of "time" which brings me right back to thinking about the david letterman show and the first time he was back on the air after the attacks in nyc, and the way he said "it just don't make any goddamn sense" (on youtube in case you missed it back then - i'm gonna rewatch it now. okay, that was a bad idea - 57 seconds and my eyes are welling up already.) and choked up. and tori being the first music guest back on the show doing this song, and it made me cry, and it made dave cry too.

sigh. 5 years already? really? half a decade? amazing.