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Sun, Sep. 17th, 2006, 03:41 pm
election day!

i had SO much fun yesterday!

after a really slow morning i finally managed to leave the house to go vote. the election isn't until today, but for various reasons, it was better for me to do an early vote. i was so excited - i've never voted before (because i lived in america for the only other two elections i've been elligible to vote in) and the general mood among all the other people was also excited so.. it felt like quite an event. wee, i voted!

(i even did some swedish celeb-spotting - swedish love-prophet singer thomas di leva, wearing the same purple dress as in this photo. he looked just as hippie-jesus-y as he always have, and made me all happy just from seeing him, haha. that's the real perk of living in stockholm - really random swedish celeb-spotting is very easy and if not daily, then at least a weekly event.)

in the evening, i attended a very special event hosted by the wannabe party feminist initiativ (english text link) that featured a large number of famous women performing the vagina monologues. the most famous participants were: jane fonda, rada boric and eve ensler herself!

before the monologues, the show started with a few female comedians/performance artists doing some really funny pieces on, y'know, various feminism-related topics. the most striking (which i unfortunately didn't photograph because i'd just had an usher shine the little light of "NO PHOTO's!" at me) was a woman doing a very clever and funny piece on religion and women... she entered the stage wearing a burka covering her entire body except her ankles and feet, and she was wearing super-tall platfom shoes to match.

as she got into her piece, she started to remove little bits of the burka, and when she got to her point (how it used to be religion that helped put limitations on women, and once that started to lose ground, women instead are limiting themselves by dieting and self-image obsession - nothing earth-shatteringly new, but always interesting when done well) she threw off the burka and revealed herself to be wearing only a tiny, tiny string thong bikini underneath, and her entire body wrapped in cellophane á la the trick of trying to lose weight by making yourself sweat. it was very effective (and funny).

the vagina monologues were really good. the first monologue was read by one of the founders of feminist initiative, and very famous swedish politician, gudrun schyman. after that, several swedish actresses and authors performed monologues, and jane fonda performed one as well. it was really, really cool to get to see jane fonda in real life. you know, even though she doesn't understand swedish (at least i doubt she does, haha), she spent the entire time watching all the other performances very actively, laughing at times and supporting everybody on stage. i thought that was very genuine of her, and showed her to be really interested in the whole show, and not just being there for flash-value.

she was also really good performing her monologue, really getting into it. i don't know. i'm just thrilled i've gotten to see an actress of that caliber in real life. :)

after the show, i had a reeeeally long subway ride home. it was just surreal. we had enormously ridiculously loud and obnoxious drunk swedish teenagers on board for most of it, and the man across from me would start to sing middle-eastern songs every now and then in a very disturbing moaning-manner... i'm telling you, having brats screaming and acting annoying while having somebody moaning songs from a corner = just plain bizarre mix. heh.

once i finally got home i found gabi in a great mood so we spent almost the entire night chit-chatting. we talked a lot about politics as we tried to figure out what she is to vote for today, taking tests and reading manifestos from various parties online. it was cool.

and now? ...i wanna go sleep some more, haha. i don't even care that it's 3.30 pm. (i talked to my dad who is doing sooo much better, he even went to vote today, and he took a long walk outside - he hasn't been able to take long walks in about a year! again: thank you all for your very nice support recently: i appreciate it very much.)

pfft. as if a single usher can keep me from photographing, hahaha. i was on the freakin' balcony, it's not like i was bothering anyone. this is my first time shooting almost entirely in black and white. because of the distance, and the very heavy red-yellow lighting of the stage, i decided to try b/w to see if it would make it easier to see details of the people down on stage, and i really think it did. plus, grainy black & white is almost always way more cool than really grainy colour-photos, imo.

and hey, it felt appropriate documenting a feminist event in grainy black & white - very jane fonda appropriate. ;)


click the above photo for 16 more photographs - i decided to make them larger-sized because the actual file-sizes were smaller thanks to the B&W format, and it made it easier to really see the details.

the lady wearing a cap on the left is eve ensler, and that's gudrun schyman wrapping her feather boa around jane fonda giving the peace-sign. hee hee, i love the way this photo feels like it could be from the 70s just as easily. :)