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Thu, Sep. 28th, 2006, 08:08 pm
three cheers for today!

yey, a good day!

well, a tremendously stressful day as usual where i didn't get half the things i needed to get done, done, but still good.

i went in to work an hour late today because i had to let in a couple of painters/wallpaper ppl sent to finally, fiiiinally, fix some of our atrocious walls. it's taken them a year to attempt to fix the horrible walls that were deemed in dire need of work when we moved in last september.

during the year, we've fixed the walls in gabi's room and the kitchen on our own, simply because we couldn't deal with living with such crappy walls. the hallway remained awful (holes, scratches, super-ugly textured wallpaper) and the livingroom has this annoying shade of green that the previous inhabitant painted just before moving, and didn't do a good job with. despite that, the evaluator man deemed the livingroom okay enough not to need fixing. whatever. asss.

initially, the wallpeople were only supposed to come do the hallway, gabi's room and the kitchen. when we pointed out that we've already fixed gabi's room and the kitchen, and would rather they do the livingroom instead, they refused to make a commitment, and only promised to do the hallway. booo.

well, we were sneaky and picked out wallpaper samples for both the hallway and the livingroom last night anyway, and this morning when i let them in to work and see what we picked for the hallway, i switched on Demanding Jennie, hahaha. i was all "hi. we want this for the hallway, and these two for the livingroom." and the dude started to stall and go "i don't know i have to check..." and so i got all stern: "that's fine, but i expect this to get the OK considering we've done two rooms on our own dime, and the cost of material and amount of time needed to do the livingroom should equal what was alloted for those two rooms. so, these are the wallpapers we want. okay, i need to go. bye!"

..hehe. well, when we got home, they'd written a note - they're gonna do the livingroom tooooo, yey! (they forgot to take the key, though, and neither gabi nor i can let them in tomorrow so i'm going to have to hide the key outside and stick a note on the door to call me for info - i hope that doesn't backfire, heh.) --now i just hope they come back to do our terrible floors one of these days as well...

anyway. work went well! still a madhouse, but things are so picking up - we had the best sales-statistics we've ever had today - i'm SO thrilled for them! and one of the kids i was about to have to push off the team last friday (not the guy i was gonna fire, the other guy who was underperforming) has completely turned around and in 4 days gone from the one with the worst stats to top 3 of the best on the team! i keep telling him how thrilled i am, and he's thrilled too. he obviously needed me to get serious on him to get into the right gear. fab!

and my uncle's 17+-hour surgery went reasonably well the other day so that's a relief. it's going to be a long road ahead, but at least he made it through surgery. thanks for all your support.

okay. i have TONS of tv shows to watch and really mostly just wanna go sleep. hmmm. think i'll go make an avocado sandwhich. cin cin!

Thu, Sep. 28th, 2006 07:27 pm (UTC)

i'm glad things are getting better at work and that your uncle's surgery was successful!

Fri, Sep. 29th, 2006 04:31 am (UTC)

Hey girl! So glad things are going well with you - bravo on getting them to wallpaper your living room. Demanding Jennie gets shit done!

(I'm glad your uncle is okay. I've been out of the loop, sorry I didn't say something sooner).