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Fri, Sep. 29th, 2006, 11:07 pm
like a spider, always here

ugh. fucking DAY.

it feels like the whole day was filled with non-stop work emergencies. since it's the last day of work before october, loads of administrative tasks were due, and i wasn't on top of any of them.

i had to make sure all 14 teammembers had filed timesheets for the whole month correctly and sign off on them (or they won't get paid) while also finishing up a monthly performance evaluation, grading everything they do and then finishing off with an individual meeting explaining their marks and giving general comments. of course, this being the first month for my project, and there being tons of things to do, i kept pushing this off until the last minute.

i was almost finished listening to the kids, a 2-day process, went to lunch, came back to transfer my copious notes to the computer and into grades and... found that the notebook i'd used was gone. poof. vanished. 2 days work, all gone. ARGH.

this came on top of people calling in sick (as fucking usual), all the various servers running the client's software repeatedly dying, causing problems in trying to take calls, and the other random crap that keeps popping up to make my day weird. oh, and the girl that came by to tell me that one of my teammembers that has an unusually high number of sick days probably isn't sick - she owes this girl money and magically is sick on the days where she's promised to pay the girl back. oh, the drama... heh.

not finding that notebook sucked so much. i ended up finding one of my bosses (the one that's easier to deal with, heh) and telling him what happened and he gave me an extension so i can REDO the whole thing next week. ARGH. with 14 people to listen to and evaluate, take notes, transfer notes, and then hold meetings with, that's 2-3 new days of effort when i should be doing other stuff.

fucking notebook. lucky for my agents, i scrawled my notes in a way that make them fairly unreadable to anybody else, and i only made general comments, but still.

and then in the evening, a girl from an entirely different group came by to alert me that there was administrative work to be done before october 1 that nobody was scheduled to do. no other boss-like people were still at work, so i was the only one she could alert. so instead of finishing up my own project, i had to start chasing people who'd left the office to try and find an emergency solution.


ANYWAY. after 12 hrs at work, i finally got to come home to our lovely apartment, which has yet to get the actual new wallpapers put up, so the livingroom and hallway are papererd down and wrapped up and unusable until next week (even the tv has been wrapped up and is unusable). the only place to hang out in is my room, and it's full of clothes all over the floor because i had to move everything from the hallway into my room and argh.

and i just read a chapter from a book i've been working my way through since yesterday, forgetting that it's not clever to read things about creepy undead people when home alone late at night. especially when the apartment is all wrapped in paper and creepy and the roommate is out of town and i had to check all the rooms in the dark due to most lightsources being removed. i'm so stupid. hopefully, my name is earl can fix my mood so i can unlock my bedroom door again, heh.

how whiny am i? very whiny. sorry.

kristin hersh makes everything better.


Sat, Sep. 30th, 2006 08:57 am (UTC)

aaaaaaaaaaah, my name is earl! GREAT show!!! I giggle until I fall off the couch at every episode!