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Sun, Oct. 1st, 2006, 11:43 am
pretty good year

i've slept lots and lots and lots since friday. i'm thrilled. i haven't felt rested in weeks - i still want to nap more, but it's not as urgent as it was before. yey, weekends!

gosh, the past two weeks really have been over the top intense. emergency root canal, close relatives in serious surgeries, the apartment taking forever to get new wallpaper, and ridiculous amounts of work emergencies. october seems much more promising, heh. i'm even going to a few shows, and hey, halloweeeeen! (and more dental work i can't afford, but whatever.)

i had lots of funny dreams last night. in one, i was at a depeche mode concert that was really, really crap. it was so funny. the venue was odd, and dave gahan just wasn't making it through to the audience, so it was all very awkward. at the end of one particularly boring song, the audience took a few seconds before applauding, and the silence inbetween was very uncomfortable. poor dave. so, he said "fuck it" and did a song a cappella (suffer well), and suddenly everything was magical. thanks, brain. :)

i also dreamt i got a kitten. it was beyond cute. it was in that really young phase where it couldn't retract its' tiny, tiny sharp claws. awww, kitten paws. i'm a bit obsessed with kitties right now. when i hopefully get my own apartment (somehow) next spring, i'm strongly considering getting two kittens. i've been hesitant because i've never had indoor cats before so i couldn't quite deal with the idea of keeping cats indoor all the time but... lots of people do it, so it must be possible to make that work.

i'm totally gonna force a carpenter friend help put up some sort of shelves that the kitties can climb and walk and sleep on, though, to give them extra space. wee, cats. here's hoping. i've been hanging on for the past few years, making do with only visiting my cat a few times a year, but it's getting to a point where i can't stand not having cuddly thingies at home. few things are as soothing as curling up around a cat and falling asleep. fuzzy cat bellies. cats stretching. rahhhh. hahaha.

the sky is all mushy grey outside. apart from doing laundry tonight, i'm not doing aaaaanything today. love it. i'd go take another nap, but i don't want to push it, haha.

Sun, Oct. 1st, 2006 10:56 am (UTC)

We bought jersey bedclothes (Kaktus) in bright orange at Ikea yesterday. This has made my life a billion times better, it is so wonderful. I'm a t-shirt girl. I like Everything Jersey. Soft, soft, soft. Snugggggleeeeeee. Yeah, it's a pretty good year. Awesome. Despite all the uphill climbing. :)