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Mon, Oct. 2nd, 2006, 08:20 pm

we had a good day, today, despite the usual technical difficulties. we still have to work hard to continue to push our numbers up and beat the already established team at another company doing the same tasks, but we can do it. (in fact, we did beat them last week - only by a mere 2 %, but still!) i'm even getting a handle on all the administrative crap.

one of the kids cracked me up so badly i had to leave our work area to have a completely silly laugh attack that lasted close to 10 minutes. everytime i looked the kid's way, i'd break down again so i kept having to walk off and try to get over it.

another kid randomly started to play with my hair while i was checking statistics at the end of the day and squealed: "YOUR HAIR! it's like the down on a duck!"

hehe. me and my duck feather hair. :)

and tomorrow, i will attempt to leave work at my ACTUAL scheduled time, 5 pm, rather than 6.30 p.m., which is the earliest i've left work for over a month now. i'm handing over closing duties to one of the more reliable kids at work. i'm nervous, but whatever - i so hope it works. i want to scale back on my hours before i lose my miiiind. racking up more than 70 extra hours in a month kind of sucks. however, it does mean that someday, i'll be able to take 2 full weeks off, with pay. muahauaha. except at this rate, i'll never be able to be AWAY for two weeks, but whatever.

hahaha. i keep having a mental image of my hair made of feathers. it is annoyingly fine and soft, though, but duck down? bwa ha ha. my kids = teh funny. and now? dinner! :D

p.s. - the walls are STILL not done! at this rate, we won't have use of the livingroom and hallway for another WEEK. meh! i mean, i'm glad if the extra time means extra good work done, but... i just think they're being sloooow. i don't even use the tv more than once or twice a week, but now that i'm home and can't watch even a DVD... well, it's le suck.

Mon, Oct. 2nd, 2006 10:12 pm (UTC)

I guess that the talk with your boss went okay on Monday. I was hoping to hear something a little more concrete! ;)

Sorry about the user pic, it was the only duck one that I had!