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Tue, Oct. 3rd, 2006, 10:56 pm

my team is driving me nuts. today i had:

- 1 guy sick for a second day who sounded.. fishy on the phone (like, he sounded normal when he said hello when i called, and as soon as i introduced myself he dropped his voice and sounded vaguely like he had a cold, and was vague when i asked what was up)

- 1 girl sick who had a really, really bad cold yesterday so i didn't even call

- 1 girl whose grandma died sunday and who asked to stay home yesterday, came to work crying, and immediately went home again.*

- 1 girl who called in sick, didn't answer my first check-up call, and then answered when i called just before i was leaving and she outright confessed she wasn't sick, she was moving to a new apartment and needed the day off. this same girl overslept twice last week (as in, i had to call and wake her up both times).


i can't accuse somebody of not having a cold. i can't force a girl to stop crying over a dead relative. the girl fessing up to taking a fake sick day? wtf?!!

it pisses me off. some members of my team are great - really trying to be there, or at least dragging their asses in until i send them home if they're obviously not doing well. but then there's the handful that just are acting very irresponsible - and of course, they're NOT the people with the best performance scores, so they don't exactly have anything to prove they really want to do this job. i've been doing a lot to justify/smooth over their behaviour because i figured it was just crinkles from starting a new type of job.

well, fuck that. they're not respecting my team, nor their fellow teammates, who have to take on a tougher workload. and i'm really, really sick of working overtime every day when some of them can't even force themselves through a 6-7 hr workday. i'm going to start putting people on one-week probations. no more bullshit, heh.

i'm tired of defending people who aren't actually showing that they're worth the fight. boo. BOOO.

that said - i left work before 6 pm today! well, i left at 5.55 pm. but still! i left closing up duties to somebody else. it's a first. i'm excited! and tired. very tired. i go sleepy bye bye now. cin cin!

* trust me, i'm not dissin' on the girl being really upset. however - she just had most of september off, monday was supposed to be her first day back, so the timing just kind of... sucks. again - not her fault, but meh.

Wed, Oct. 4th, 2006 11:47 am (UTC)

i'm tired of defending people who aren't actually showing that they're worth the fight. boo. BOOO

Woohoo! Go you, assertive woman!

Wed, Oct. 4th, 2006 01:40 pm (UTC)

I totally understand your frustration! Just make sure you don't turn into the kind of boss who (although you don't necessarily tell them directly) accuses her employees of lying when they call in sick. Because it's usually very simple to hear the difference between a sincere "get well" and a non-sincere one, and I doubt that being suspicious will get the kids back quicker... Or, maybe it does in some cases, but it might just as well make them want to quit the job ;) (Not that I think you're the type - but I've had a couple of these bosses, and it sucks. Though, of course, some people have very little work moral, and I'm sure you know these kids well enough to tell the difference.)