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Fri, Oct. 6th, 2006, 08:40 pm
we rock

i'm so thrilled. there are still a bunch of problems with my project, and kids still keep calling in sick, and yesterday SUCKED performance wise due to technical difficulties, but...

today we had the best sales-performance as a group since we started the project. we're trying to make sales to 40% of all people who call in - that proved too tough, so i lowered it to 35% but we never managed to get there, always lingering in the mid-20 %s.. our highest result was 30% from more than a week ago.

well, today we hit 32% and many of the kids were really, really close to getting their best personal results ever. things started to gel after i made through the monthly evaluations with most of the kids, giving them individual feedback to improve the performance.

now the trick is getting the same result, OR better, every day in the future. i hope so. but most of all, i finally feel like it's -possible- and a few of the kids are finally starting to feel that the same.

so. RAH! minor success = so needed that.

and when i got home, the livingroom and hallway walls had gorgeous new wallpapers! yey! our apartment is close to being actually kind of NICE. next week, they're starting work on our floors. i'd be more excited if i wasn't already wondering how the hell i'm supposed to box up and move all my crap out of my room so they can do my floor. i'm even going to have to dismantle one of my shelve-thingies, which is screwed onto the wall. heh. oh well. will figure it out.

and now? ZE WEEKEND! i have books to read (and the amazon shipment should come in next week), tons of tv-shows to watch (did you know i actually follow approximately 27 tv-shows on a weekly basis? thanks to torrents, i don't actually watch tv using my tv-set, though, which means i never channelsurf, and never watch commercials, so it evens out into roughly 2 hrs of tv/day, which isn't that much compared to most, really. my computer is definitely almost out of space to store, though... haha)

yeyy! :)

Sat, Oct. 7th, 2006 01:00 pm (UTC)

Woohoo! Successful business AND wallpaper. :D