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Tue, Oct. 10th, 2006, 04:47 pm
i know we're cool

work has been going pretty well - i even have small stretches of time where i can actually decide on what to do next, rather than having to go from one emergency to the next. i like that.

i ended up not feeling well (mostly fever, a bit of a cold i've been ignoring for a month now seems to be still swishing around my system) around noon, and so left early. i left loads of instructions to the kids i left in charge, and instructed them that i might come in late tomorrow, if at all. so far, they've only called me twice since i left. now that's progress. :)

on my way home, i finally managed to go to a store that i never usually get to during its open hours and bought something i've been seeing in the window every day for weeks and weeks now: a stuffed black pillow in the shape of a pirate skull. hehe. soooo cute. it goes really well with my two white pillowcases with black print pirate skulls. i'm such an adult. hehe.

and when i got home i found my box from amazon.co.uk - yeyyy! it was fiiiiiilled with books. thank you so much, moonriddengirl! i can't wait to get started. i'm also waiting for a dvd-delivery this week - very cheap dvd's, luckily, but i probably shouldn't have bought them.

i was just in such a mood the other day, and, well, the selection of movies kind of prove that since it's all comfort-fare: 2-disc titanic (haven't seen it in years and years, and i did like it, and no, i'm not sick of celiiiiiine, and kate winslet is on my list so..), cool runnings (love this stupid movie), like water for chocolate and dogfight.

i'm totally buying dogfight because i haven't seen river phoenix in years, and this story always really moves me. i relate well to ugly-girl stories. and lili taylor is wonderful. i forgot all about this movie until i watched ugly betty yesterday and got all silly-moved, heh.

bla bla bla. watch me chatter. :)

ok. definitely going to nap. hate having a fever. meh.