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Sat, Oct. 14th, 2006, 12:54 am

i just finished watching the dvd of titanic that i bought a few days ago. i can't recall seeing it in its entirety since i saw it in a theater january 1998 (about a week after i'd first moved to america).

i was pretty taken with it all over again. and you know what? i vastly prefer it to, say the lord of the rings trilogy. haha. i mean, i don't know why i'm comparing them - i guess it's because it's all big budget extravaganzas.

anyway. i'm half an hour into all the behind-the-scenes and it's just amazing to see how they shot the film. james cameron really, really burned for this movie. it's extraordinary seeing how much of the stuff was actual shots rather than just cgi, and how large scale many of the models of the boat was. not to mention how much work was done with real moments of flooding water onto large sets and having people swimming desperately and leaping off the ship into water... stunning.

i can see why the shoot was hell. i still remember reading all the reports on how it was going over budget back in the day, and i totally expected it to, well.. tank. haha. but really - despite the cheesy crap, despite poor billy friggin' zane... there's so much that grabs me, and i really appreciate the effort that went into making the movie. and i'm annoyed james cameron hasn't released a proper movie since.

eh, i like james cameron movies. i really, really love the abyss and the terminator movies (i'm ignoring true lies, haha). i'd be really scared to work with him (there's a hilarious moment of him from the behind the scenes of titanic saying a very salty "thanks for your opinion" to a minion, totally revealing how true all horror stories about him as a director seem to be), but it seems like it would be quite engrossing, and a big chance to push oneself to do things that seem rather impossible.

yes, i know. this post is really random. hahah. my brain is a bit fried. but whatever. just felt like nattering on.

thank you all for giving me comments to my entries lately - i have been really bad at responding (mostly because i've been falling asleep within an hour or so of getting back from work every night - nothing to make you feel like an old ninny than falling asleep slightly past 9 p.m.!), but appreciate it all and will finally get a chance to get caught up this weekend.

okay. GUESS WHAT I'M GOING TO WATCH NOW? die hard with a vengeance! bwa ha ha!

yes, you may all defriend me now. i can't help it. i'm really, really in the mood for 90s action flicks tonight. mmmmrrrrr, jeremy irons in die hard. hahaha. GO ON, DEFRIEND ME. it's okay.