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Sun, Oct. 15th, 2006, 04:17 pm
oh my gosh

i'm watching this week's nw c.s.i. episode and it's just... WUAHHH!

20 minutes into it and i'm cryyyying. it's really... shocking and sad.

poor greg! poor, poor greg! i'm so glad he intervened (and ran that scary kid over), but poor, poor greg! watching him get stomped so badly had me actually whining "oh nooo!" out loud. i was happy that one asshole spat on him because i was all "ooh, dna sucker!!" but still. poor greg. i'm so glad sara came for him, even though she's grissom-shippin'.

so, greg is kind of the new nick stokes, eh? remember when nick stokes had that stalker living in his attic and he was attacked and he totally cried afterward? or when nick was buried alive? well, i'm equally taken by poor greg being stomped.

this season really, really is good, and hyper-depressing. okay. i've had a minute to calm down. gonna watch the rest of the episode now.

poor greg. :(

p.s. yes, i get incredibly emotionally invested in tv-people. :)

p.s.2. i just switched the episode back on and K-FED IS ON. i totally forgot he was guesting on this episode. BWA HA HA. k-fed. :D

p.s.3. OMG NICK STOKES JUST PUNCHED K-FED!! HAHAHAHA!! ok, this episode is awesome. hrm. :)

Mon, Oct. 16th, 2006 12:44 am (UTC)

Everybody's Nick Stokes this year. Or will be. I'm betting. We had Lindsey kidnapped and now Greg stomped. Horrible things will happen.