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Mon, Oct. 16th, 2006, 11:50 pm

i'm actually and honestly excited about getting to sleep in until 8 am tomorrow morning. yo, it's a TUESDAY and i get to sleep past 6 am! so cool.

of course, the only reason i get to sleep in is so i can hand over a spare key to the man who is going to put in new floors.. which means i have to try and dismantle most of my furniture and move out of my room tomorrow before going in late for work. not so.. yey.

but hey - sleep in til 8 am = awesome!

i'm way too enamoured with sleep this time of year. i've started to take long afternoon naps on the weekends, ensuring i sleep approximately 14-15 hours per weekend-day, at least. love it.

my brain was trying to orchestrate a dirty dream the other night, but failed miserably. i ended up having a dream where i slept with somebody, and when i say slept, i mean literaly sleeping, and i believe full clothing was involved. it was a very nice dream, though, haha. no snoring involved. i don't recall any context for the dream, just.. sleeep.

now, what does it say when your brain is so occupied with sleep, it brings you even more sleep through dreams?

and now... mmmmmm, sleeeeeep. cin cin!

p.s. sleepy music, to boot. :D

Tue, Oct. 17th, 2006 06:16 am (UTC)

haha.. look what I found when going through my old journal archives!