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Tue, Oct. 17th, 2006, 08:04 pm

the man putting in new linoleum floors came by today to get started on my room. i had to spend most of the morning carrying allll my stuff either out to the livingroom, or stacking it against the one wall in my room that has a separate strip of carpet that he said he could save and do tomorrow instead.

carrying the stuff out of the room wasn't a problem. trying to dismantle the huge shelf-thingy on the one wall? proooooblem. i ended up almost making it, when the very last screw in the wall suddenly kind of broke and was stuck. after an hour of dismantling one piece of furniture, it was pretty damn annoying having to give up because of one last thingamajig refusing to budge without threatening to bring the whole wall down. MEH.

so, i called in the cavalry, aka my carpenter friend who initially put the whole shelf thingy on the wall last year. when we got home i discovered that the carpet man had managed to put in the large piece of floor despite the raggedy shelf thingy still stuck to the wall. phew!

still, my resentment from dealing with the shelf all morning had me ask my friend to please remove the whole thing anyway (instead of putting it back up, which was the initial plan). if it's gonna be this much trouble removing the thing, i'd rather be done with it now than have to do it all over again whenever i end up moving. so now i have six small holes in my wall. yey...

or rather, had - my friend helped put goop in the holes to cover up, and i'm now thinking about painting the whole wall white. could be pretty nice, especially with all my deep coloured paintings and decorations and photographs.

meanwhile, my whole room is a big mess since the floor guy has to come back tomorrow to finish it. i really, really dislike having all my furniture and stuff moved about haphazardly. and all this year of living here i've been thinking about moving my furniture to new positions. well, now that i've actually done it, i really don't like the layout, so i'll definitely go back to my previous layout.

minus the shelf thingy. meh. i'm thinking i might have been a bit hasty. no clue where i'm to put all my books and crap now. hehe. i foresee ikea in my very near future. :)

oh well. my friend also removed the kitchen table (bar style table that's normally stuck to the wall) so in just a few days, most of the apartment will be allllll new walls and floors. even though none of the carpet choices or wallpaper selection was really what we had in mind, it's still way better than before. and it only took a year and a month to happen! ...haha.

furthermore, i only spent 4,5 hours at work. that was really cool. i went and got some flowers that we could give to a co-worker who quit and was doing her last day today. i'll miss her - now ALL the people i've worked closely with since i first started with this company have moved on.

of course, of all those people, i'm actually the only one who has advanced at all, so i supposed it's pretty understandable.

this is my second teamleading project in a year, and inbetween i had a lot of different projects of varying success. i also know for sure that once this new thing ends, i'll be able to go to the tech support job i was supposed to start in august so things are definitely more interesting for me. none of my old co-workers really got to advance and ended up on pretty dull, repetitive projects. had it been me, i'd probably be looking elsewhere eventually as well.

it's sort of funny to me that the main reason many of them quit is that they got bored, and felt stuck. my experience at the office is the opposite - it's been a lot of stress, a lot of quick learning and even quicker jumps between projects, and getting more and more responsibilities. while i do have moments of really feeling overwhelmed, i also think i'm ending up with something more substantial to put on my CV should i want to pursue something else in the future.

i hope. hahaha. or maybe the employment agency people will point and laugh until they cry about my 3,5 years at call centers... (sometimes i try to figure out how many people in sweden i must have talked to over the years, and how many of those i've talked to more than once, just on different projects. like, say i averaged 60 people/day for 300 days/years.. that'd be 63 000 people! :o)

Tue, Oct. 17th, 2006 06:16 pm (UTC)

of course, of all those people, i'm actually the only one who has advanced at all, so i supposed it's pretty understandable.

I feel all proud of you....