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Sat, Oct. 21st, 2006, 08:05 pm

i've slept approximately 13-15 hours since i got home last night. october does that to me every time. i'm dreading november, heh - i tend to go zombie at work in november, almost completely unable to keep my eyes open past 2 p.m. - hopefully this year'll be different since i have a more active job now that requires me to walk about and do more varied tasks to keep me energized rather than sit in one spot and do the same thing for hours.

the apartment is a MESS. the kitchen is filled with furniture from the livingroom, and our livingroom couch is blocking almost the entire hallway corridor leading to the kitchen (and i won't be able to move the furniture back until gabi returns monday or tuesday, boo). the livingroom floor still isn't nice, but whatever. the room's got a really loud echo-capacity now that it's empty.

the floor-men left all their equiptment in the area by our front door, including a crazy looking machine thingy. apparently it's their day off monday, so they're not coming to pick things up until tuesday. meeeh. no word on if the wallpaper people are ever coming back to finish putting the missing 3-inch strip of wallpaper up in the hallway that they missed a week and a half ago. what the heck were they thinking??

my room is also a mess, still. i was going to buy another bookshelf thingy but didn't love anything at ikea enough at first sight to bring it home so will have to have another go at it next week. to try and hide some the crap, i've taken to throwing large blankets over entire areas of stuff just to minimize the mess i see whenever i have the lights on. thankfully, i rarely have the lights on so i can ignore most of it, haha. and the sleeping-a-lot thing helps, too.

hey, at least they put my door back so i can close it. i even managed to plug in the tv and dvd-player so i can watch movies (albeit not actually tv since the cable thingy for that is in the livingroom) - i got dogfight in the mail yesterday, hooray!

ok. dinner. (or lunch, since i kind of missed lunchtime by sleeping)