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Mon, Oct. 23rd, 2006, 10:09 pm
precious things

the roommate is suddenly obsessed with trying to learn tori amos' "precious things" because she thinks she can make her voice do what tori's voice does on that song.

okay. i'd think she want to actually learn the lyrics a bit better first, though. (to help her out, i played her 4 different live-videos of tori doing the song so she could get a better feel for it, and to finally attempt to play it on her piano as well. dude - welcome to sunny florida = TEH SUCK compared to every other live-video i have of tori doing that song. maaaaaan. so bad!)

she tried to nag me into singing along using her new mic. i laughed. then laughed more. and flat out refused. i have zero desire to hear my screeching that loudly. i can mimic tori to a tee (more than a decade spent as a fan, and most of those years as quite a dedicated one at that, has definitely "damaged" me :)) but i can't quite sing along to many of her songs. i'm much better at singing along with, for instance, fiona apple.

anyway. hearing "precious things" on repeat in the livingroom is quite a strange feeling. i've spent many, many hours listening to just that song on my own. having somebody else obsess about it when i'm not in PT-mood is pretty weird. (i'm jonesing on the songs "sugar" and "honey" instead, right now. favourite version of sugar right now: on yousendit - the last couple of minutes = so good)

ok, she's nagging me again to go warble. arrrrgh. hahahahaha. maybe i'll growl a proper guttural "guhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl" and scare the neighbours, hehehe!

edit: i flat-out refused again. heh. with the exception of singstar, singing into a microphone really, really weirds me out. on a scale of singing-ability from 1-10 where 1 is tonedeaf, i'd put myself at about 3,5-4. (except for a small handful of songs that i mysteriously can really nail, + the aforementioned fiona apple songs. and i work fairly well in choirs - i can sing along better than i can sing solo)