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Wed, Oct. 25th, 2006, 07:06 pm

first: gratttttis på fina dagen, touretta! :)

i woke up and just... needed to sleep in. or something. of course, the hunt for somebody i could put in charge until i came in took 25 minutes and lots of textmessaging since i couldn't remember who else was scheduled to start first thing this morning so by the time i found somebody, i was wide awake.

but i still stayed behind. i've been really, really stressed lately. duh. that's normal by now. what's not normal is the slight twitch that keeps occuring a few times a day as of a couple of weeks. i'm trying to stay hydrated and eat well, and as we all know i do get quite a lot of sleep at least a majority of the time, so i can only assume my eye is twitching because i'm stressed, and because i've spent too much time staring at computer screens.

so, will buy eyedrops and try to stick to a more relaxed work schedule as soon as i get all the crap that need to be done at the end of every month, done.

but, randomly, while home, i decided to visit a swedish ticket-website the very minute that dolly parton tickets went on sale. i adore dolly parton. i don't have any records, but that's really not a problem. i've loved her since i was a kid and watched her tv-show (some talkshow thing? i just remember the butterfly logo and dolly). i would adooooore seeing her live.

so i clicked through and... got a third row ticket. then i saw the price: $95. i'm sorry. no. not even a third row ticket to see dolly is worth $95 to me. but i had a major crisis before managing to force myself off the website without purchasing. i realize i could have bought it and tried to sell it, but whatever. i don't have the energy or the funds, haha.

that third row dolly ticket kept popping up in my mind all day, though. and then i found myself having to shop a few things during lunch - today was payday, so i love getting caught up on things like, eh, shampoo, etc.

and incidentally, i spent exactly $95. so! seeing the lovely dolly parton live and up close isn't worth $95 to me. here's apparently what IS worth $95 to me:

- 4 avocados
- 1 deodorant (i have 3 full deodorants at home, but i can't stand being out so i always keep it stocked at home, haha!)
- 6 hair clips
- 1 nail clipping thingy for my keychain
- 1 loaf of bread
- 4 bellpeppers
- 1 litre rapeseed oil
- shampoo
- dove soap bar
- african roiboos tea
- 1 small decorative pumpkin to make a mini-jack o'lantern out of
- plastic reflex-thingy in the shape of a bat (since i walk outdoors in the dark a lot and don't want to be run over)
- set of paints and plastic dangly shapes to make sun catchers out of (yes, from the toy deptmnt, hahah)

and 8 dvds. yes, 8. hehehe. see, the bargain bin had just been freshly stocked, so that's when a dvd-nerd has to go all out and dig through it all to find the gems. i know i'm gonna buy dvds regardless, i do every month, so i figured i'd finally buy a few things i've been meaning to buy for quite a while. i bought:

- sleepy hollow
- stalingrad
- kill bill 1 (since i already have kill bill 2)
- girl, interrupted
- ice age
- happy endings (zoinks, i thought i hadn't seen it, but just now remembered i had and can't recall liking it overly much. meh. oh well. it was cheap.)

- terror on elm street (totally killed my sleep for YEARS as a kid, AND made me super-scared of water beds!)
- terror on elm street: new nightmare - love it. i don't need the movies in between, though, haha

so. there you go. i'm still thinking dolly would have been nice but.. oh well. i'll have to ignore it by watching dvds endlessly instead.

cin cin!

Wed, Oct. 25th, 2006 05:36 pm (UTC)

Takk-takk - og håper du snart får en mindre stressende hverdag :)

Wed, Oct. 25th, 2006 08:12 pm (UTC)

It's all about priorities, isn't it? Dolly is grand. Sleepy Hollow is better. :)

(They call it "Nightmare on Elm Street" around here.)

Wed, Oct. 25th, 2006 08:17 pm (UTC)
somabish: :)

yeah, and hey, i figure, if i have major regrets, and can afford it, i can try buy from a scalper next march. buuuut.. i doubt i will. there are really only a very, very short list of artists i'd even consider paying $95 to see and, well, dolly isn't it.

"(They call it "Nightmare on Elm Street" around here.)"

d'oh! i knew that. i just completely forgot, hehe! even typing it, i kind of went "hmmm... really? terror on elm street? well, it HAS been a while since i watched them..."

obviously, i needed sleepy hollow to help make a proper halloween-film festival next week. :D