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Mon, Nov. 6th, 2006, 09:03 pm
yey, broke

hahaha, i just completely wiped out my entire bank account by purchasing tickets to fly home to ronneby next week. couldn't be happier. i'm definitely feeling november right now, hard core, so making even the shortest visit (3,5 days) home where i can relax and snuggle the cat and see the family is.. very welcome.

i didn't even double-check with my boss that it really was okay to take the time off - i e-mailed her the tentative dates a week ago and today got a one-sentence "that's fine" back so i jumped and got tickets before she should change her mind. and now my bank account is empty, or rather, down to $2,40. hey, i've been pretty snazzy, paid lots of bills, most of my massive quarterly school loan payment, the whole $241 nine inch nails bonanza, and now airplane tickets.

of course, i have a backup plan - i just borrowed a lotta money off my dad since i had to go to the dentist today (i forgot and they had to call me and tell me to come by - d'oh! thank goodness the dentist office is literally across the street from work, i didn't even need to take the time to get my coat before running over to have them drill away and do strange gooey things with my teeth) and a bit of that is meant to tide me over until next payday.

i'm gone hooooome next week. yey! and the team did really, really well today and sold way more than usual, which almost makes up for them all coming down with a massive collective cold. and i ran into cassandra and we gossiped and got caught up and will go see a movie this weekend. etc.

still. november. BRUTAL. just brutal. cin cin bellas.