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Fri, Nov. 10th, 2006, 09:35 pm
eye twitch

long day. first, our client came for our monthly meeting regarding the project we're doing for them.

she pretty clearly showed she was happy with our performance (considering we've beaten the competitor's team who has been doing this same job for years, and we've beaten them EVERY week since we started the project late august, that's pretty damn cool) and that there might be an extension of the project beyond december, but they won't make a proper decision until the next meeting, which is december 8.

ugh. i hate waiting. especially when there's now tentative good news, yet no news.

after the meeting i went to figure out what the hell we're gonna do with people's applications for time off during the holidays. as it is, most of the team will have denied applications since they've all asked for the same days. after a lot of talking and prodding and begging on my part, i've managed to get several of them to retract or change their applications, and i've even gotten one of the former teammembers to come back to fill in (not the girl with crazy time off, i asked the girl who called in sick when she was really moving) ao.. hopefully i can get something sorted out.

out of pure guilt, i completely retracted my own application for time off. i was only asking for one day (dec 22), but i suddenly realized that hey - i'm going home next weekend, so i don't really need another long holiday at home just a month later. so, i'll go home late friday evening on dec 22, and fly back early wednesday dec 27 and go straight to work.

so i called to tell mom, and got a "oh, that's good" and then a "you paid what??" and then i called and told dad and got a "but you're coming home next weekend.. do you really need two visits in two months?" .. gee, thanks. because my parents surely haven't been BUGGING me about visiting lately.. yeah, really, i must be crazy to want to spend christmas at home ON MY OWN DIME... pfffft. he tried to explain his reaction away with how he's going to be having less money starting next year when he officially retires, so he won't be able to help me out much and so he doesn't want me to waste money.

meeeh. i got so annoyed.

yeah - my parents have helped me out occasionally, but not because i never have money, i just don't have the kind of lump sum money sometimes needed for things such as, oh, i dunno, emergency dental work. hell, i even paid one of mom's bills last month because she was having troubles due to her hours at work being cut. i usually tend to not have any savings left at the end of every month, true. but i'm also _aware_ of that. i plan ahead, and make sure i know what large bills are coming up, and that way i know when i can handle some crazy spending (nin) and when i can't.

i borrowed money from dad to do the dental work i need to get done, but only after having BOTH my parents nag me for a month to borrow the money from dad instead of doing increment payments with the dental office. i really tried to not give into their nagging, but eventually time crunch had me go the dad-route (as in, i borrowed the money so i can make the payments to him and thus be a bit more flexible than i would with the dentist), and now i'm really annoyed to have that interpreted as them having to help me out. mehhh. parents. :)

they are both really into the idea of me never taking any loans and being in debt, which of course is a good idea, and i've stayed pretty clear of it so far. apart from my gigantic school loan, i don't have any loans or anything i'm making regular increment payments on, and i don't have a credit card, nor plan to get one for as long as i can help it.

i paid for the vast majority of my driver's license, including all driving lessons (dad did pay for the car we used to train, and when i got my license he gave me the car to use, but i moved to stockholm after two months and then he sold his own car and kept mine to use as his own, so i wouldn't call that a major investment purely for me). i never pay bills late, and frequently pay them well before the due date just to have them dealt with. i split the payment on my computer monitor last year into three payments, but that's really it.

considering i'm 29 years old, i'd say that's doing pretty okay. am i wasteful? sure. i go to concerts and to see movies fairly frequently, and have quite the dvd-habit. but... i think i'm pretty okay. and with my new teamleading salary, i know i have at least 3 more months ahead of me where i'll have it way better than before, and if the project is extended, i have most of spring to enjoy and save.

however, i've only gotten my new salary once so far, so i haven't had a chance to figure out my new budget. i used this first teamleading salary to 1) make rent and other minor bills, including paying a few bills that are actually for future months (i love when they send invoices for upcoming months, that way i can get rid of a chunk all at once), 2) pay off what i borrowed off dad for the first dental thingy, 3) paid a large chunk of my quarterly school loan payment which isn't due until november 30th, 4) spent lots on nine inch nails, which i will enjoy MUCHO in april 2007 and 5) bought airplane ticket home for next week.

with that in mind, i really don't worry so much about whether or not i have money left over at the end of the month for now. obviously, i'm looking ahead, and want to create a small cushion asap so i can feel a bit more comfortable about knowing i can make rent even if something unexpected happens. if my project gets and extension, i have every chance at making that happen, as i will then have a pretty damn good and steady income to finally make savings out of.

so. january is the start of budget-keeping jennie. and i think i've found the best way for me - by keeping cash instead of money in the bank. cash means i can't order anything online. while i don't think i spend too much on shopping online, i am way too quick at swiping my card at grocery stores, and it definitely makes me overspend. walking into a grocery store with a definite limit rather than the "oh well, i know i have X in my account, so i can totally afford this and this and that" kind of thinking i have when using the debit card should help me a lot.

anyway. i'm going home christmas whether my parents approve or not, haha. if i stay here, i won't do anything christmassy, it'll just be four wasted days of watching random things and reading. while that's what i'll do back home as well, i will get to do it in the company of my CAT, and there will be christmas decorations a-plenty. so there.

hehe. i'm grumpy tonight. :)

Fri, Nov. 10th, 2006 09:13 pm (UTC)

You know I am by nature the "worried mother" type, but I still think you deserve to enjoy Christmas home. {{you}}