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Mon, Nov. 13th, 2006, 07:53 pm
stuff and.. stuff.

long day. i spent a lot of the day seriously stressed out about the whole christmas holiday thing. early afternoon, my boss told me to stop fretting and e-mail the boss at the company we're doing the customers service for and simply explain what was going on, what the kids on the team had applied for, what we'd done to bring in at least a few extra workers, and to ask for that boss to please make a decision so we'd know how to deal with the issue.

i got a compliment from my boss on having done a good job on the e-mail so.. here's hoping my request is granted so all the kids that have already gotten tickets to travel can have their days off. stressss. heh.

i did get some good news - i had our weekly meeting (over the phone) with that same company to go over our sales and questions regarding last week. once again, for something like the 8th or 9th straight week, we beat the competition. in some areas, we beat them BADLY. hahahaha. we rule. here's hoping it leads to an extension on the project..

over the next two days i have to train the kid who is gonna be in charge while i have thursday/friday/monday off work as i go home to ronneby to see the parents and cuddle the cat. i'm confident it'll go well - i no longer have to stay way late every evening because the team can finally be trusted to close up on their own, and they don't call me as much with crazy situations so.. it should be fine. and i am bringing the cellphone home so they can always call me there. :)

it gets dark pretty early these days. suddenly, i'm obsessed with reading swedish crime paperbacks. i've even given up reading the free morning papers on my way in to work, and spend all commuting time, as well as my lunches, reading. when i get home, i catch up on a few things, start gathering up recent episodes of whatever shows i watch, and then climb into bed with a book. it's quite chilly at home, so it's really lovely being warm and cozy under the covers.

and now, indeed, it's time to read the last 30 pages of the current book i'm reading so i can find out who'se been kidnapping and killing all the girls in a tiny swedish town, hahaha. (i may soon have to put a stop to reading this genre, though - last night i had graphic nightmares of a kind i haven't had in quite a long time. d'oh.)

cin cin, darlings.