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Mon, Nov. 20th, 2006, 07:17 pm
absolutely barking stars

i just got back from my ronneby-visit. i'm quite a bit exhausted, and tomorrow is already gearing up to be very stressful as i need to get caught up with my team, as well as help make things run smoothly with the instructor from a business school coming by to train everyone on my project. i have to be at work around 7.20 am - boo.

my visit home was okay. good spots included baking yummie things with mom, a lot of down-time with my adorable cat, my dad winning a minor bit of money off a lottery (which means he's written off a small part of the loan he gave me for the dentist - hooray!).

the bad spot consisted of my brother having a complete psycho-meltdown saturday, the likes of which he hasn't had in more than a year. it's always interesting to try and figure out afterwards what the exact cause for his sudden anger-outbursts were - this time, he threatened very seriously and repeatedly to punch me because... i took all the tomatoes in the salad i'd made for dinner, and that act alone set him off. of course, he's never expressed an interest in having tomatoes with his food before - i'm the only real veggy eater in the family - but obviously, this unexpected lack-of-tomatoes surely warranted a 39-year-old man yelling at the top of his lungs for 5 solid minutes until i completely left the table as it was clear there was no way to get him to calm the fuck down. 20 minutes later he was still so angry that he felt it necessary to threaten to punch me out, and yell obscenities, while getting dressed to leave.

because obviously, this is a much more rational response to such a horrible every-day-struggle than simply saying "yo, you took all the tomatoes. can you cut up some more? i'd like some." is. he's such a jackass. meh. oh well. the rest of the weekend was fine.

and sunday morning i got up at 5.30 am to watch the leonids and it was sooo pretty. and cold. and nobody else was out watching, haha. lone geek on the loose, what can i say?

it was so funny, at first, i doubted i was going to see anything because every spot in the neighbourhood was so well-lit (which i suppose is great from a safety aspect, but not so great for star-gazing, haha!), but i managed to find a spot with two broken streetlights and started to try and figure out where the hell the leo constellation was supposed to be. for maybe 6-7 minutes, i didn't see anything and started to think i was mistaken, but just as i was looking away from the orion constellation, i saw a tiny "falling star" trailing the sky just at the edge of my vision.

it was sooo cool. over the span of maybe 20 minutes i saw 12 or more meteors trailing across the sky. i wasn't sure how long it would be inbetween meteors so at first i kept almost giving up whenever i'd have to wait more than 4 minutes to see something, but eventually figured out the pace and where to look. there were a couple that had very long, strong blazing trails, and several that were cute and tiny and quick.

after approx. 20 minutes, i suddenly got to see 3 meteors trailing across the sky with maybe just a second's wait inbetween. it was very sci.fi and pretty. when the last of the three had stopped showing, i noticed the whole sky had gotten cloudy to a point where i couldn't even quite make out the cassiopeia constellation so i finally went back inside and back to sleep, snuggled up to the cat.

i'm very glad i caught it, and i hope to remember to go outside and see it in future years to come as well. :)

OH. and i took up knitting. haha! i haven't knitted since i was a kid, and now suddenly i was in the mood to start a new project. the lady at the knit shop showed me how to do those sort of "braiding" patterns i've always wanted to do but never figured out how to (since i've never used patterns). so, now i'm halfway through with making a poncho. it's veeery pretty, pale dark red and pinkish tones (mohair) over grey. coool.:D

okay. very happy to be back home again. gonna start to catch up now. cin cin.

Mon, Nov. 20th, 2006 06:44 pm (UTC)

this time, he threatened very seriously and repeatedly to punch me because... i took all the tomatoes in the salad i'd made for dinner

That's really scary. Sorry you had to deal with THAT on your vacation. :( {{{you}}}

(You know, my dad has rage outbursts, although I haven't been targeted in one since I was about 15. In my case, it almost always turned out that I'd stepped on an issue and wound up doing something that Symbolized Something Much Greater to him. Like the time I left a glass in the bathroom, which was a symbol to him of his inability to maintain order in his house and his family. I wonder if there's something going on in your brother's life right now that led to his meltdown.)

Mon, Nov. 20th, 2006 07:07 pm (UTC)

Your brother is seriously unhinged, despite his (impressive) ability to tell a Norwegian from a Swede from the shape of her nose.

We're sick, so we couldn't go outside to watch the Leonids. I'm happy to hear they were beautiful.