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Thu, Nov. 23rd, 2006, 07:31 pm

too much crap at work to do and not enough energy pretty much means i've spent most of the week skipping inbetween projects while trying to get caught up (and failing), and while also trying to force our project to have better results (we've had a sales-dip, and that scares me, even though it doesn't quite seem to be our fault, and the other team we're being benchmarked against are having a worse sales-dip, but stiiiiill. i want us to do welllll, they're pretty much making their decision any day now on whether to extend our project or not.) = MEH.

i feel useless and overworked at the same time, mostly. and most of all, i just want to not have to do anything right now. last night i got home, ate a sandwhich, and immediately climbed into bed at 6.30 p.m., and proceeded to plow through a 600-page crime-paperback until i finally finished it at almost 2 a.m. ...not the most clever impulse in the world to follow when i have an every day 6.20 am wake-up time, but whatever.

it's gabi's birthday today: congrats to her! :)

she's still very actively looking for an apartment to buy. i've stopped stressing about it. honestly - whatever happens will be fine. while i can't keep this apartment on my own for very long, we do have a 3-month agreement for whichever of us moves first to honour, and if i can't find something else in 3 months, i can surely handle the rent alone for 2-3 months after that while continuing to look, so ...it'll be fine.

MEH. i give up. it's 7.30 p.m. and i'm gonna get a sandwhich and climb into bed and watch the warriors me-thinks, or something else extremely low-energy. maybe i'll finish knitting my fucking poncho. yey. heh.

cin cin.

p.s. to those of you not feeling well: i hope you feel better soon :*