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Sun, Nov. 26th, 2006, 02:23 am
with poncho

meh, this week has been pretty taxing at work.

there were just so many things to get caught up on, and every day we had -4- people sick (and we're only a 12-people team), and due to that and other various reasons, we had a sales-slump in the middle of the week making this our lowest-selling week of the entire project, which really stressed me out.

i know i shouldn't (at least not to the degree that i do), but i do take the performance of our project very personal, and as a huge reflection of my ability to do my job, and so if i get feedback that a teammember's screwed up, i get really embarrassed and feel bad that i haven't instructed them well enough or been active on the floor enough to notice if somebody isn't sticking to the rules, and if we have a bad week, well, i feel a lot like i've failed, even though i know my team for the most part is really good at pulling together when needed, and even though i know i can't do much more than be very active with coaching and loudly encouraging and whatnot. oh well.

while i don't think one crappy week should derail us getting our project extended, it's not exactly something i'm looking forward to discussing with our client on monday during our weekly review-of-stats session. and i sincerely hope our competitors also had a super-crappy week, or i'm really going to worry. yeah, i know - that's not really a clever thing to hope for since the overall goal is for our client to do well.. i just don't want to have us look bad this close to finding out if the project is a keeper or not (we're to find out dec. 8).

i'm also noticing how much more... i don't know, how much more forceful? i've become at work. i feel very at home with being in charge nowadays, even if i still have moments where i feel at a loss as to what to do.

it's easier for me to do things like pull somebody to the side and chew them out about coming to work wearing offensive shirts (seriously, i was so embarrassed when the business school instructor came by tuesday and two guys on my team wore shirts with obscene prints - one had some sort of really graphic cartoon stripper motif, and the other a mock-phone number: 1-800-5uck-my-6ick or something like it, in huge bold print, wtf?! we have a very relaxed dresscode at work, but how thoughtless can you be when getting dressed for work, especially when you know outsiders are coming by?), or call them up when sick to discuss when they'll be coming back in.

and then the phones died for an hour yesteday, while we were finally having a really good day for sales that was gonna help save the week... oh it was sooo frustrating. but the team trudged on. oh well. hopefully next week will be better.

i was really looking forward to an extremely calm weekend.. got home last night and found out from gabi that her sister, sister's s.o. and their 1-year-old daughter would be coming to stay for the weekend. so today, we spent like 3 hours cleaning the apartment and finally putting all the furniture back the way they were pre-renovation. we even plugged the tv back in, haha - i can't believe the tv's been completely unplugged for over a month and i didn't care.

when i say cleaning, i mean crazy "unclogging all drains from horrible clumps of hair and cleaning the kitchen fan" kind of cleaning. but the result was trés nice. i just wish it'd come without snide gabi-comments, heh. but whatever. the apartment looks nice, and i had my friend come by earlier this week and had him put our kitchen table back up (it's a bar-style table that has to be fastened to the wall), so i finally feel i live in an apartment again instead of a dorm room. yeyyy. :)

so, we are with guests, but they're nice guests, and the kid is very cool, and mostly spends her time smiling and pointing at everything she sees, so it's okay. and now i've finished the poncho i started knitting last friday. i just need to put on some fringe and cut some loose threads, and it'll be completely finished. i'm pretty happy with it. except.. now i have nothing to do with my hands when booored.

i'm pretty sure that means i will start to knit a sweater veeery soon. i've never knitted a sweater before and i'm not good at reading knitting patterns, but i almost entirely did the poncho without a pattern and it turned out fine, so i'm gonna try and simply knit according to an already existing sweater i bought a few years back.

haha, i'm just fascinating, aren't i?

oh well. i'm gonna listen to some annie lennox (i completely forgot how much i love "why" and "lovesong for a vampire" :)) now and then go sleeep and tomorrow is sunday and i'll really try to enjoy it. cin cin!

p.s. thank you all for the sea food input. i'm glad to know i'm not the only one who doesn't eat crazy crawly sea thingies, even if i know i'm the odd one out as i don't eat -any- sea food, but still. i appreciate the feedback, even though i'm really bad at responding in a timely fashion. me = dink.