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Tue, Nov. 28th, 2006, 11:41 pm

i felt a cold coming on yesterday so i went straight home and into bed and stayed there for almost 14 hours. going in late to work and taking the extra sleep seemed to make all the difference, and so armed with ibuprofen, kleenex tissues and wetwipes (for my hands - i wish i could find some antibacterial gel to use as well, don't wanna contaminate the workplace) i made it through the day.

the day was pretty okay. except for when the phonelines died for TWO HOURS and nobody answered or could help sort it out.. it was terribly frustrating. i know i did everything i could to make sure things got back on track, but it annoys me that it was so difficult getting in touch with _any_body in charge for two whole hours... frr.

i'm pretty behind on everything as i'm spending most time either at work, or with a runny nose and sneezing in bed. yesterday i saw my dentist and had lots of dentistry done. i can't believe i got paid friday, and today i have $400 left until my next payday, and that's before buying my monthly metro-card ($90). how can i be MORE broke now that i'm earning the most i've ever made? (oh, alright - paying for two trips home, plus the nine inch nail extravaganza, plus my school loan ($610 every three months) and plus lots of expensive dental works account for it, but STILL.. it feels ridiculous.)

anyway. i kinda wish i'd been even more offline so i could have missed seeing britney's cooch caught by paparazzi pics, but whatever. heh.

oh well. only three days left before it's the weekend again. i'm seriously craving a dvd-marathon, so i'm gonna plan one out. i just wanna snuggle up on a couch and watch thingies for hours and not do anything else. (incidentally, i bought napoleon dynamite, the anchorman, constantine and i (heart) huckabees on a sale - yeyyy)

d'oh. just sneezed again

Wed, Nov. 29th, 2006 11:41 am (UTC)

Constantine rocks! Hope you feel better soon, hon! :)