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Wed, Nov. 29th, 2006, 01:38 pm
thrown out of work

hahahaha. so, i managed to go into work this morning despite having quite the massive cold. there's just so much stuff i need to get done since it's almost the end of the month (approving timesheets and stuff) so i couldn't bring myself to stay home.

oddly enough, i've had quite good energy, it's just the rest of me not holding up: i've got a severely runny nose and sneeze a lot, and sound like a silly chipmunk. at one point, half my team was giggling at me because somebody on the phone had demanded to talk to the boss, and there i came on the phone sounding like a chipmunk, barely able to pronounce lovely words like broadband. hee.

i managed to hang on for most of the morning, but for every hour that passed, it became more and more obvious i needed to go home. around 11.10 am, two of my bosses stopped me midtask and started to physically DRAG me toward the door while laughing and shouting "NO MORE WORK, GO HOOOOME!!!" at me. hahaha.

my team has really been good at helping out when i need to leave early and whatnot, so i delegated some stuff, asked them to call if any emergency occurs, and off i went. as i was leaving, they kept shouting encouraging little things. rarely have i been so amused as having two of the 20-year-old guys responsible for having the most sickdays yelling at me to go home and sleep and eat hot soup. thanks guys. hehehe.

i stopped by a pharmacy on the way home and got some more ibuprofen (aka nectar of gods - i only use it when i get really sick, and it's always wonderful) and some desinfectant gel - i know i'm gonna go into work tomorrow to handle the minimum of work needed to make sure everything is fine, and i want to spread as little germs as possible while in.

oh, one of my teammembers is awol. she's been sick for almost the entire month - she had a valid doctor's note up until november 20, came in and worked two days and have then stayed home sick since. i called her the first day to remind her to get her doctor's note extended and she said she would. we last heard from her monday when she left a message on the answering machine for calling in sick, and she insisted she had a doctor's note but didn't say how long she'd be gone.

she didn't call in yesterday nor today, and hasn't been answering her phone, and when i asked the team if they'd heard from her, they all looked at each other and then started murmuring how she'd been having "personal problems" again so... it would seem she may be faking it. MEHHHH. she did the same thing in september and then promised she was straightening things out and she came in to work and did things exemplary every since, up until now...

what is WITH THESE KIDS. frrr.

oh well. i'm home, sniffling. i'm gonna take a looooong nap and maybe read some. cin cin. :)

Wed, Nov. 29th, 2006 01:41 pm (UTC)

what is WITH THESE KIDS. frrr.

Some of them need to get canned. :/

I'm glad that your peeps are taking care of you. :) {{{you}}}