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Thu, Nov. 30th, 2006, 07:11 pm
ok i give up

i went into work this morning for like, 5 hrs, and then went home. and everybody is all "you should stay home" and hello, i totally agree, but it just wasn't quite possible - the timesheets had to be done, and instructions had to be given out. i tried to limit everybody's exposure to my cold by bringing kleenex, not sitting next to anybody else, and rubbing my hands with antibacterial gel after every single time i had to blow my nose.

normally, i HATE when people come in with colds, and i sincerely hope i didn't spread it to anybody else (although reailistically, the whole team and my roommate have ha colds for the past 3 weeks so it's more likely they finally spread it to me), but again - didn't see any other solution. tomorrow, i'm totally staying home, though. i don't care. my voice is just giving out more and more.

that said: i JUST started using the gmail chat function for the first time ever and i LOOF IT. it's so simple! except for the dinging sound, must learn how to turn that off..

i tried it because my friend gene e-mailed to tell me he's finished is master's paper, handed it in, and is now OFFICIALLY a master of library science! so cool! (gene is a librariaaaaan! hhehehehe!)

and now i'm chatting to frippy for probably the first time in years. this is way surreal, but fun. haha, maybe i'll get chat-addicted again, a decade later... talk about full circle!

*sniffle, sniffle*

yeah, i am SO staying home tomorrow. frr.