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Fri, Dec. 1st, 2006, 07:27 pm

i was gonna stay home today. and then i woke up, sans alarm, at 6.30 am (my normal wake-up time) and realized i had to go in because today's the last day for one of our teammembers and i would have to go buy a card and snacks for the team, but more importantly, it's also the first day of a new month which means i have to go over november statistics and spend hours figuring out who gets comission on their november sales, and how much. and yes, i'm the only one who can do that.

so. buh. and so i came in and.. found out i wouldn't be getting the sales-stats until the afternoon. so the morning was spent shopping for a big cake and fruit for the team to snack on, as well as a card for them all to sign. and the ENTIRE TEAM proved to be useless at keeping anything secret and quiet. every single person that i shoved the card in front of to sign, while motioning for them not to say anything, loudly said things like: "what? what's THIS CARD FOR? OOOOH!"

idiots. luckily, the teammember leaving is INCREDIBLY oblivious and didn't catch any of it, not even when the guy next to him loudly shouted for me: "CAN I HAVE A PIECE OF CAKE NOW? WHY NOT?" ...because the guy i bought the cake for and who is sitting next to you still doesn't know we're giving him a cake, STUPID!!

amazing. they're just so clueless. :)

and then the afternoon was spent crunching numbers and.. i discovered that one of the teammembers has been cheating with his stats, meaning i will have to give him a big fat warning on monday, and tell him he won't be getting any comission. it's very obvious that he's been doing it on purpose to better his number, and i know for a fact he's been counting on getting his comission (even telling me he has spreadsheets at home calculating exactly how much he's earned every day thanks to comission) so... bully for you.

what really has me angry is that this SAME guy is the guy i wrote a glowing reference to a couple of weeks ago, and spoke really well of when a potential future employer called me. incidentally, he's applying to work for a casino - i wonder what they'd say if they saw him fucking up his numbers. i'm not sure what to do about that - i can't exactly retract my reference, but i sure would like to. plus, i have yet another awkward, serious meeting to look forward to, as if i haven't had enough over the past few months!

also, because of his cheating, our numbers have been fucked up, and i'm really worried it'll become a hot topic next friday when the bosses try to get an extension for our project. ASSHOLE. if he's fucked things up, i'm personally tracking down the person who called me for a reference to retract.

meanwhile, another teammember is still M.I.A. - she hasn't called in since monday, and won't answer her cellphone, and i just today got word from some co-workers that she's apparently in quite a mess off-work so.. meh.

seriously. and to top it off, i didn't have time for lunch today. hooray. and i just had an icky pizza that i had to throw away because it just.. sucked. i'm gonna have a banana instead and get ready for the swedish idol finale on tv. well. at least it's the weekend: two days i won't have to feel obligated to go into work. i look forward to being extraordinarily lazy (while coughing and sniffling some more).

cin cin.

Fri, Dec. 1st, 2006 07:17 pm (UTC)

i discovered that one of the teammembers has been cheating with his stats,

Ugh! That sucks! And girls not coming in. Yuck yuck yuck! {{you}}