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Fri, Dec. 1st, 2006, 08:13 pm

why did it never occur to me there might be footage of jeff buckley on youtube, particularly doing hallelujah? i've never seen any jeff video before, only still photographs, so i'm quite smitten. there are other clips of better quality, but this one is jus gorgeous, especially the last minute or so. just.... wow. sigh.

..and to think i'm going from repeat viewings of that, to watching two really mediocre guys trying to win the title of being this years' swedish idol (they'll be singing queen's "the show must go on," bon jovi's "bed of roses," coldplay's "fix you" and u2's "pride" - they might not be great, but at least the song selection is slightly different from american idol. which really only means there's not so much stevie wonder overkill in the swedish idol shows, basically.)