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Sun, Dec. 3rd, 2006, 04:24 pm
haha, d'oh

i'm juggling a few webrelated projects right now, jumping between them whenever i get stuck on something, and one of them is gathering together all concert/musician related photo's i have. i kind of have a lot, heh. and many of the early ones are of such terrible quality. it's really weird to see digital photo's i took 2001 and onward, knowing that i thought some of them were definitely better than they were, and likewise, how i hated some of them and now i quite like them.

one such event was photographing a really small artist called edwin mccain. i remember that shoot as really, really awful, and have always winced at the memory, but going through the pictures years later i can see that it was the circumstances that sucked (mainly dealing with his managers, and having the shoot pushed later in the day cancelling all my initial plans and putting me in quite the bind as i suddenly was going to have to do an indoor shoot with flash, which i had zero experience doing), but i actually got way more good pictures that evening than i thought i did back then.

man. i was way too inexperienced to do a shoot inside an entirely dark venue, and edwin took a pretty long time to warm up from really surly to relaxed, but now looking at the pictures, i find that the majority of them feature a brightly smiling edwin, which i totally forgot about, as i've kept remembering him as very surly until i chattered enough to break the ice.

i'm sorry i wasn't experienced enough to see what i had back then. i only thought i got two okay photo's, and going through them now i'm seeing probably 10-14 that would have been fine to send on to the magazine asking for the pictures. and again - it's really funny to see that we had a pretty fun shoot, and that despite probably a huge hangover, he put up with me and all my inexperience. that's cool.

sorry, edwin. my bad. :)

oh well. it's really fun digging around my zillions of photo-folders, if a bit overwhelming. oh man, jump little children! hahahahaha. i forgot all about them. i'm having total college flashback-itis! hahaha.