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Wed, Dec. 6th, 2006, 12:52 am
poets of the fall

i finally got to treat gabi to a belated birthday present by taking her to dinner and then to see finnish band poets of the fall perform. she likes a lot of radio rock, particularly things like linkin park and evanescence and such, and this finnish band has one song that we both agree on as being really good radio rock so when i saw they were coming to play, i knew what her gift would be, albeit late.

you can see/hear the song on youtube: it's called "carnival of rust" and i just really like his voice. :)

of course, my treat was diminished when we both saw the enormous line waiting for the venue to open. as they didn't presell tickets, we weren't all that into the idea of waiting an hour in the rain. hence, gabi called her boyfriend who had a friend at the venue and they put us on the list, which meant we could bypass the entire line when the venue opened. i felt so embarrassed. i'm a total trooper about lining up for shows, i felt like such a cheat. i would have hated anybody else on the list, had i been the one waiting at the front of the line for more than an hour.

oh well. at least it wasn't crowded and nobody took spots by the stage for an hour, so we didn't cheat anybody out of a welldeserved frontrow spot.

the show was pretty good. the band was a bit too overboard with the pulling rock poses thing, but the singer's voice was really good, and they had fun on stage as well as great interplay with the audience. i winced a bit when they were shaking hands with the front row, and the guitarist stuck his hand out for me to shake, and i really wasn't wanting to, and then instead of moving on quickly he stayed with his hand out to me, waiting for me to shake it so.. i gave him a pity handshake. haha. it was so awkward.

man, i am beyond beat. cin cin!

poets of the fall


poets of the fall

i got a crush on the tiny drummer - he was adoooorable, and made this face every time he got into a song. so cute. :)

poets of the fall

haha, i love everybody's faces in this picture.

poets of the fall

poets of the fall

Wed, Dec. 6th, 2006 04:16 am (UTC)

After waiting on line all the time, you deserved to be on the list. Enjoy it guilt free!

I laughed outloud at the singer/handshake thing - Hee! I know, you can't NOT shake it. Bad Jennie - you were supposed to be crying and reaching out for him!

I always crack up when they make those 'rock faces' because you just know that's the same face they make in bed.