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Tue, Dec. 12th, 2006, 07:07 pm

people fucking SUCK, man! what the hell was everybody's problem today?!

one girl refused to listen to me when i asked her to move to a different workstation. since i had the same problem with her yesterday and she obviously wasn't listening to me, i went and asked her teamleader to help out. when he moved her, she threw a shitfit and ran over and yelled at me loudly, scaring the crap out of my team who didn't have a clue why some chick was gesturing and yelling at me -across the room.

naturally, i burst out laughing loudly in response, and then went and asked her teamleader to reign her the fuck in. but still. brat!

then we had an asshole old man on the phone harassing my teammember because she had difficulty helping him because he didn't have an errend meant for our support. when she repeatedly asked him for various information to figure out where to transfer him to, he asked if she was fucking deaf and to "stay focused."

as i could see she was getting flustered, i took over the call, and he proceeded to act LIKE A GIANT ASSHOLE. as he went from loud and annoying to plain loud and rude, i calmly told him to please stop being rude, as we were trying to help him the best we could. he kept yapping but i was eventually able to give him the correct number to the right support service, and he hung up.

an hour later, tanya came by saying some man on the phone was requesting to speak to me, specifically.

it was the asshole, and he was angry that i had called him rude, and he wanted to complain at how incompetent my teammate had been as she was trying to help his stupid, unhelpful, sorry ass. i said i thought it was unfortunate that he'd found it so frustrating to deal with us, and that i hope he had gotten good help at the support service i helped him get to. i stood by my assertion that he had been rude to me and my teammate, and that the only reason i knew was because i had overheard my teammate trying to help him, so i knew she hadn't done anything wrong.

that's when he got real pissy and asked who i was, and why i was listening on on calls, and i explained i was the friggin boss and that it's my job, and again, said it was unfortunate that he had experienced such frustration while dealing with us, but that it was good to see he had gotten help since with his problem, and that i hoped his problem would sort out swiftly.

obviously still pissy, he asked why i'd said he'd been rude, i explained that he had gotten loud and cursed a bit and that i find it difficult to find the proper help quickly to people who yell at me rather than continue to help give me informaton i ask for, at which he balked and claimed he NEVER curses and certainly hadn't been rude and that essentially i was lying.

fuck you too, okay?!

i kept talking very calmly but clearly, and that's when he said he'd called back to get an apology, but that he obviously wasn't going to get one. i said no (heh) and we called it a day.

SERIOUSLY. people can SUCK SO MUCH. moo.

oh well. thanks to me, we're treating the whole office (90 people!) to lucia-buns and ginger snaps tomorrow, since it's st lucia's day in sweden. the office hasn't done that in years so i'm glad i talked them into it. wellfed people are happy people. kinda. hehe.

arrrrrgh. i just want to go and kick that old man in the shin. asssss.

i was hoping the dvds i recently bought online the other day would have arrive so i could sulk in style, but alas... no dice.

Tue, Dec. 12th, 2006 08:36 pm (UTC)

Yes, people suck to such an immense degree it's untrue - which basically is why I admire you for actually SURVIVING that kind of job. Kudos. Lots of kudos.