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Wed, Dec. 13th, 2006, 07:38 pm

the roommate's bought a new apartment. :) she'll be moving out march 31st, which means i need to go have our lease signed over to me next week so i'm the lone owner of our contract, and start investigating if it's possible to exchange our 3-room apartment for a 2-room apartment, or if i'll have to look elsewhere. exciting times!

both my parents got surprisingly excited for me, haha. dad even exclaimed that he'd happily come help paint the walls and fix up whatever new space i move into. considering he has yet to visit me even once in stockholm, his enthusiasm surprised me. mom demanded that i buy a fold-out couch for when i have visitors. okee.. and me, i want to get a cat or two, weeee!

here's hoping all goes smoothly... hope hope.

i had another kinda crap day at work. insane-o girl who screamed at me yesterday came up and screamed at me again today! she was pissed that i apparently hadn't had two guys moved off the workstations that i had her moved off yesterday. so, she saw it fit to come running over and -scream- at me, disturbing the entire call center. then she ran off before i could say anything.

so i ran after her and demanded to know who her teamleader was, at which she petulantly said "i dunno, i don't have one." - basically refusing to answer. i pointed out that her rude and disturbing behaviour had no place in an office, and likewise her behaviour toward me was uncalled for, and not tolerated. and then i found her teamleader and had him chew her out.

it turned out she's only a temp, and her contract expires friday. her teamleader seemed surprised as she has been talking about wanting a permanent job. kiss the permanent job bye-bye, bitch-face. FRR. my whole team was real stunned and kept asking me what the hell her problem was, and why she was screaming at me. heh. way to make an impression on your potential new employer, eh?

okay. to cheer me, and maybe you, up, i will post pictures of my team in a little bit. extra bonus: they're all wearing my tiara in honour of st lucia's day (read the wiki on st lucia's day! heheheh.

Wed, Dec. 13th, 2006 06:47 pm (UTC)

exciting times!

Eep! Your own place! Good luck switching over.

way to make an impression on your potential new employer, eh?

She sounds *very* mature. Sucks that you had to be target of her insanity, but it's a good thing that the company gets to find out before they make her permanent!