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Wed, Dec. 20th, 2006, 09:45 pm

work fucking sucks lately. i can't figure out if i want it to be january already so i can skip over these INCREDIBLY SUCKY DAYS, or if i want december to last another 20 days so i have time getting everything sorted out.

it's the way work trouble tends to burst out into a big messy evil noisy pile of fuckups and crazy dilemmas and emergencies needing immediate attention all at once that gets me.

eh, fuck it.

if i can make it through another two days of feeling like ..this, i'll be able to go home to ronneby and cuddle with the cat. christmas eve will probably involve another psychotic meltdown from my brother, but whatever. i'll get 4 days off work, then go work three days, and then i will spend next weekend/new year's back in stockholm. gabi's staying behind in ronneby, so i think i'll be toasting the new year alone. ooo, i intend to get very sloshed and listen to very loud music and stare at the fireworks for much too long..

because really, this fucking year has to end SOMEtime, no?!

i'm listening to this song by the knife on repeat. it sounds a lot like the inside of my brain this week. here it is through yousendit in case you'd like to hear it. it's from their first album, i think. can't remember.

completely unrelatedly: thank you for the card, redjanet, lowredmoon and jarvis! i very much appreciated it. wee, i got a christmas card! and it was so lovely, too. :D

Wed, Dec. 20th, 2006 10:39 pm (UTC)

you're welcome! :) i'm glad it came in time.

i know completely what you mean about everything happening all at once at work. just when i thought things had calmed down at the office it looks like it's all about to get ugly again. will probably post about it sometime soon.